Hitting all the right notes with Blackpool tribute to war victim

What’s the connection between the Blackpool Tower Circus’ musical director and a talented violinist who was killed in the First World War?

Parkinsons Outfitters, 1973

Barry Band: Memories of Blackpool shop work in the 50s and 60s

Last week’s piece about Blackpool’s Church Street in the 1950s and 60s started a conversation about the junior shop assistants who kept our shopping streets looking smart.

The crew of the Silver Song in April 1961 on the Norfolk Broads. Phil Crossley and Bill Taylor

Reunion afloat for Five Men In A Boat

When five Blackpool school pals hatched a plan to embark on a river cruise holiday on the Norfolk Broads, little did they know they’d (almost) be recreating the trip some 56 years later.


Historic Fleetwood: Exploring port’s past

When we think of historical Fleetwood, it is usually the famous docks and the fishing industry which spring to mind.


From creme brulee to prawn cocktails: Classic dinner party menus from the 1950s to the 2000s

Safe to say, a lot of these dishes are seriously retro.


These are the top 10 Volkwagen GTI models of all time

Over the past 50 years, three letters have resonated deeply in the motoring world - GTI. Applied to some of the greatest road cars of all time, it's come to represent a genuinely involving driving experience

Rev Ron reflections Jan 15 2018 Avenham Park ice skating, St Walberghs steeple, Preston, Ribble Valley bus Preston to Longridge, cotton reel projects, Spangles advert and box cart

REV RON GREENALL: Recycling times and a sweet piece of Preston nostalgia

We all know the phrase “You’re skating on thin ice.”

Rev Ron January 2 2018 - morning window knocker

REV RON GREENALL: January mornings and the changing face of the alarm clock

It is hard to get up and to work on time these cold January mornings, and my first nostalgic picture is a sight familiar in my childhood.

Rev reflections january 8 2018 - Parkinsons pills, spacehopper, Turner's coal horses, Bilsborrow Sunday School 30 years ago, Blackpool Central Pier 1870s, Blackpool Opera House 1947, GKER model train

REV RON GREENALL: Holidays in the real Coronation Street of Blackpool

It is a long time since I had sugar soap applied to scuffed knees, but it always worked in moving the grit and impurities from the wounds.

Great Eccleston pinfold

Lancashire's strangest listed buildings

Two walled yards, one just outside Broughton and the other in Great Eccleston, might well be the strangest listed buildings in Lancashire.

Peat farmers Jim and Emmanuel Nicholson, New Union Farm, Pilling

Ancient craft keeping Lancashire warm

Local historian John Grimbaldeston looks back at the era when peat farmers tended Lancashire’s marshlands

Orry, Church Street, Blackpool

Barry Band: Memories of Blackpool’s Church Street in the 50s

It was great to get out of the house after a spell of the awful coughing bug that ruined so many readers’ Christmas.

A view of Kirkham looking along Poulton Street from the Market Square in the 1950s with the spire of the United Reformed Church in the distance.

Taking a trip back in time to the Kirkham and Wesham of the past

This week in pictures we focus in on Fylde neighbours Kirkham and Wesham.


Blackpool man feels at home in the glam rock decade

A Blackpool man is turning back the clocks for 2018 and inviting like minds to step back into the 70s .

News 4
1st Lancashire Fusiliers waiting in sunken road in middle of no man's land for July 1, 1916 attack at the Somme

Horrors of Lancashire officer at the Somme

Historian Hugh Sebag-Montefiore reveals the torments of an officer in the Lancashire Fusiliers in the first days of the Battle of the Somme

The Clifton Hotel, Talbot Square, Blackpool, in 1962

Men living 300 years? And a new look for Talbot Square

By Barry Band

Lytham Lifeboat rescue

Stranded yachtsmen “lit rags” to warn other boats

Back in 1955, the Lytham lifeboat came to the rescue of a stricken yacht on the River Ribble.

School behind the shops
St John's feature, sent in by Kenneth Shenton

The story of Blackpool’s first free school

Last year marked 200 years since Blackpool’s first free school, St John’s Church of England School, came into being. In the first of a two-part feature, local historian and archivist KENNETH SHENTON looks at its history.

A showpiece of the thriving new resort was the Cleveleys Hydro, an elegant hotel which started life as a house called Eringo Lodge. Pictured in the early 1900s

Cleveleys on camera in its glory days

Cleveleys has changed extensively over the course of the last century – with many old sights no longer in existence today.

Blackpool Old Road, Poulton, in 1968, showing a very different view than today where a one way traffic system now operates. 
This picture looks towards The Market Place and Queens Square with The Bull right of centre

A stroll through the Poulton of the past

Parts of Poulton once looked very different, although some areas of the town look strikingly similar today to these archive photographs.

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