Here is everything you need to know about milky cleansers with Stringers Department Store, Lytham

Hayley Glynn-Jones, Stringers Department Store
Hayley Glynn-Jones, Stringers Department Store
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Hayley Glynn-Jones, Stringers Department Store, gives the low-down on milky cleansers

The foundation of clean skin is a hard-working cleanser. These new milky formulas remove grime and refresh tired skin, gently.

Stringers Department Store, Lytham gives the lowdown on milky cleansers.

1. It’s gentler on skin: Milky cleansers don’t have any harsh ingredients that foam or bubble so they clean in a more dissolving manner, breaking down grime with emollients rather than exfoliants and surfactants.

2. They’re made from soothing ingredients: While they can feel thin and watery, their formulas guarantee a deep cleanse due to the combination of oils, vitamin E and natural fats that get to work, removing all grime and stubborn make-up. Take time to really massage it into the skin with cotton pads or fingers and you’ll reap the benefits as the multi-tasking milk works hard to hydrate and clean simultaneously.

3. Use them to keep your skin’s barrier intact: Milky cleansers keep the skin’s pH more balanced. Their soft formulas are more respectful or your dermis with no stripping agents that affect our skin’s natural oil levels.

4. They save time: Because they’re so good at removing make-up and cleansing you don’t need to double cleanse so you can skip the step of removal with water.

The best at Stringers: Clarins Cleansing Milk with Gentian and Cleansing Milk with Alpine Herbs leaves your complexion smooth; Clarins RE-MOVE Micellar Cleansing Milk is affordable as well as being vegan. Visit the beauty counter at Stringers or call 01253 740700.