This is what Blackpool Tower's Jungle Jims now looks like - and there is a 16 metre bar involved!

This is the first exclusive look at Blackpool Tower’s newest attraction which is due to open in September.

Tuesday, 6th August 2019, 10:10 am
The project at the Tower
The project at the Tower

Replacing the Jungle Jims play area, the new development, which will be called The Fifth Floor, is a family entertainment space which will combine a stage and function room.

The Gazette was shown around the new attraction by Tower general manager Kenny Mew who explained the idea behind the development.

He said: We've looked at our business and wanted to develop something our visitors wanted so we decided to turn it into a family entertainment space so we can use it as multi-purpose for example conferencing, banqueting and shows."

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We have removed the play structure and revealed all of the steel work within the room so we have taken it back into a heritage point of view so we can see all of the steel work."
Kenny, pictured, added: "Unfortunately we have to cover the ceiling because we cant allow natural light into the room due to entertainment and lighting purposes, however its going to be magnificent.
The Fifth Floor name has a history with the Tower, explained by Kenny, who said it was formerly a bar on the third level of the building.
Kenny said: We have only just picked the name and we decided it would be simple and effective due to it being on the fifth floor but also combining historical elements of the Tower after we looked into our archives whilst restoring the room.
The decision to remove Jungle Jims was controversial with visitors, however Kenny believes it was the right move.
He said: The decision was taken on what our visitors want. We study a lot about our visitor trends and the visitor numbers for Jungle Jims were dropping and out visitors want something else."
Rather than parents just sit and watch the children play, this new area will enhance the whole family experience so it will develop a better experience for families than what Jungle Jims did and that is what its all about and what lead to the decision.
The new attraction will create 12 full-time positions as well as seasonal roles and Kenny is proud all of the work has been completed by local tradesmen and women.
He said: PJM Refurbishments have been the principle contractor supported by FTS Merit, Premier and West Coast Group who have all done their best on the project." Photo of how it's expected to look when it opens in September.
Pete Murray, owner of PJM Refurbishments, pictured, said it was an honour to work on the 16-week project, adding: We do a lot of work here and for a local lad its a privilege to be able to do work on an English Heritage building."
The new long bar will be 16 metres long and all of the new work is clamped in so the building structure is not damaged and can be totally reversable
High quality food will be on offer for hungry visitors and a mezzanine level will allow guests to overlook the whole room
A circus-themed interactive area will be one of the main features