Can you offer a home to a degu?

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This week we are appealing for homes for two loveable degus.

Marco is very friendly and likes being handled.

He had to have his tail 
amputated but still lives a 
normal life without it.

He loves his wheel and his treats. And he is quite a cheeky boy.

Bosses at the RSPCA had hoped he would be able to live with other degus but it would need to be another male and they would have to make sure they didn’t fight.

He is two years old and £15 to adopt.

Minnie was brought into the centre by an RSPCA 
inspector as they had concerns about her welfare.

She needs a large cage with lots of toys to keep her occupied.

Minnie is suitable to live with older children and would benefit from further handling. She, like many degus, loves her exercise so will need a fair sized enclosure and running wheel.

She is also £15 to adopt.

They love cardboard and toilet tubes to run through.

Degus are highly social. In a home environment they need a large size living area to dig, nest and play.

Degus digging together coordinate their activities, forming digging chains.

They are strictly herbivorous, in the wild feeding on grasses and browsing the leaves of shrubs, though they will also take seeds. The RSPCA feeds its degus pellets, which they seem to like.

Contact the RSPCA Blackpool and North Lancs Branch at Longview Animal Centr, Old Toms Lane, Stalmine or call (01253) 703000 if you can offer a home to either Marco or Minnie.