Blackpool's birthday girl Kate takes a refreshing shower

Kate the Asian elephant enjoying a shower in her home at Blackpool Zoo
Kate the Asian elephant enjoying a shower in her home at Blackpool Zoo
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Blackpool’s birthday girl is getting glammed up ahead of a very special birthday.

Kate the Asian elephant has been spotted getting spruced up for another summer by the sea, ahead of her 50th birthday this July!

The 49-year-old female elephant is taking full advantage of the gigantic water cannon at her Base Camp home in Blackpool Zoo.

She was one of the first animals to arrive at the attraction ahead of its opening in 1972 and was also the first elephant to pack her trunk and move into the park’s new multi-million pound elephant facility in 2017.

Four elephants from Twycross Zoo joined Kate in 2018 and the herd have spent the past year getting to know one another.

The giant water cannon is just one of the many features that have been designed to offer enrichment and encourage natural behaviours in the elephants.

It is powered by a 55,000 litre rainwater harvesting tank, which is buried underground.

Adam Kenyon, Section Head at Project Elephant, is delighted to see Kate making the most of her new home.

He said: “Kate has settled into Base Camp really well. She has been known to take her time with new experiences, often waiting until she is 100% comfortable before embracing a change, so it is wonderful to see her enjoying herself.

“She hasn’t ventured very far into the pool as yet and prefers to play under the water stream before rolling around to cover herself in the sand and mud.

“There are lots of great benefits for Kate when she does this. The dirt acts as a natural towel and is great for exfoliation to promote hair growth.

“It also a barrier to protect against the sun’s rays and insect bites and Kate gets a full body workout at the same time!

“With more than three acres of land to roam around in as well as a swimming pool and water cannons, our elephants are set for a super summer.”