ICI - from a salt works to a chemical giant

In a second look at ICI Hillhouse, these photos give a behind-the-scenes look at the site, it’s people and what was a familiar skyline

Saturday, 22nd May 2021, 3:45 pm
How ICI all began - Fleetwood Salt Company
How ICI all began - Fleetwood Salt Company

The towering structures of ICI once dominated the skyline on the banks of the River Wyre.

Its long pipes, interlocking and twisting high up could be seen for miles with a power station, chimneys and huge buildings which formed several plants, each making its own products.

Much of it has gone now, decommissioned and pulled down but the sizeable industrial area was work to many local people. More pictures here

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Shift tester Paul Glennie at work in the laboratory at ICI in 1982
Photo from 1972 which shows the hydrogen sphere at ICI Mond Division
Fitter Peter McConville was one of a team working on a boiler feed pump in 1992
Corvic 9 Plant, 1980s
The exterior of the Victrex Plant in 1983
The view of the ICI from Cala Gran Holiday Park
Maintenance supervisor Stan Giles (right) with Steve Walsh (top) and Mike Poole, at work on an air compressor
ICI's VC4 Plant, 1987
The Phosgene Unit at ICI, 1985
Fitters Ron Jones and Darren Fare (left) inside one of the three giant boilers at the ICI power station in 1992
Gerry Carter (left) and Frank Glynn holding the 'toffee strips' and intermediate stage of plastic production
Manning the emergency centre at ICI in 1983
The ICI gatehouse