Five Blackpool stories which made the headlines in January 2010

These were some of the stories being read in Blackpool back in 2010

Saturday, 15th January 2022, 4:55 am
Updated Saturday, 15th January 2022, 9:28 am

Thugs attacked car with rocks

Teenage thugs were throwing rocks and attacking cars in one of Blackpool’s flagship tourist zones, motorists were warned.

Seasiders Way had been the subject of a massive regeneration project and was supposed to be an attractive ‘gateway’ into the resort.

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Seasiders Way, Blackpool

But BAE Warton workers received a less than friendly welcome as they drove along the road.

A group of youngsters hurled stones at their car, smashing glass in the rear driver’s side window into thousands of pieces and putting lives in danger.

Those in the car said they could have been blinded or disfigured had the rock had hit the driver’s door glass.

He added there could have been a very serious car accident.

Mike Ashfield and Ron Evans of Blackpool Beach patrol who rescued of a distressed man who had jumped into the sea near the Imperial.

The incident was the latest in the gateway zone – and police had stepped up patrols to deal with the issue.

The passenger said: “I dread to think what could have happened, ” 44-year-old Mr Greenwood said.

“There was an almighty bang. The glass shattered into thousands of pieces.

“It was a lucky escape.”

Jamie Oliver with Sharon Potts (left) and her guest Lisa Thwaites

PC Nicola Bingham, community beat manager for Bloomfield, said: “An investigation is under way and I appeal for anyone with information to come forward.”

We believe that this was an isolated incident but we have increased patrols in the area to try to combat the issue.”

The passenger added that Blackpool Council should have looked at the design of the area, which was meant to be pleasing to the eye with a number of shrubs.

He said they allowed vandals a perfect point of attack. I am sure this is not the type of advertisement that you want for your entrance into Blackpool, ” he said.

A spokesman for Blackpool Council said the issue was a matter for the police to deal with.

Beach patrol’s quick action

A St Annes man relived the dramatic moment he leapt into the perilously icy sea to rescue a man.

Ron Evans who worked for Blackpool Beach Patrol, sprang into action after a man plunged into the water close to The Imperial Hotel.

The call came from a worried member of the public who reported seeing the distressed 44-year-old man in an agitated state close to the steps on the Promenade. Although Mr Evans arrived in time to speak to the man, when he went into the sea, the council worker did not hesitate in jumping in after him.

Mr Evans, 57, who had worked for Beach Patrol for almost 30 years, said: “I must admit when faced with the prospect of having to jump into the water, I often wish it was someone else having to go, but I know it’s all part of the job. You go into autopilot really and don’t notice how cold the water is at first, you just focus on getting the person to safety.

“With this man, I managed to get hold of his leg and hang onto him, I made sure I was on a harness and line so when I had him, the rest of the crew were able to pull us into safety.

“I’m just glad we were in a position to help.” Beach Patrol are funded by Blackpool Council and receive extensive training on how to speak to people they find who are in distress.

Compromise met over grave space

Bereaved families were to be officially allowed to place mementoes in front of their babies’ graves for the first time.

A new policy was being introduced to allow 18 inches of space in front of each headstone in Carleton Babies’ Memorial Garden at Carleton Cemetery. It meant some parents who had unofficially created bigger shrines in front of their newborn’s graves would have to curtail their space. But the changes, brought in by Blackpool Council, were backed by the Friends of Carleton Cemetery Babies, whose members include parents whose children are remembered in the garden.

One group member said: “It is a lawned cemetery so officially people can’t have anything in front of their headstone, so we are very pleased that now they will be allowed an area of 18 inches.

“It will mean everyone will be able to access their graves and we are not asking anyone to remove anything of sentimental value.” It was difficult for grass to be mowed between graves but allowing an 18 inch space meant gardening work could be carried out.

Wandering wallaby stand off

A wallaby sparked drama after he escaped and ran wild in Blackpool.

Police drafted in the force helicopter, the RSPCA and a trained veterinary marksman as Marton residents reported seeing the three-foot high marsupial bouncing towards the M55.

The domestic pet, who had escaped from his home in Blackpool more than a week ago, was spotted on the slip road leading from Preston New Road.

Traffic on the M55 was slowed to 30mph as officers ushered the wallaby to a field at the top of Peel Hill. After a near four-hour stand-off, the animal was captured when a vet from Blackpool Zoo shot him with a tranquilliser dart. The wallaby is now back home.

Five-star dining for Jamie at Home consultant

TV chef Jamie Oliver recognised 40-year-old Sharon Potts from Poulton as one of his shining stars for her contribution to his new business venture, Jamie At Home, where she achieved top sales for the North West.

As a thank you Jamie invited Sharon to dine with him at his exclusive Gala Dinner, at the Grosvenor Hotel in London, where she received five-star VIP treatment and got to sit next to the famous chef himself.

Jamie at Home, Jamie Oliver’s thriving direct-sales business has taken the country by storm and Sharon had achieved outstanding personal sales since she joined in March.

Sharon was a Jamie At Home Consultant in the Lancashire area, and was one of 2,300 consultants around the country who were holding Jamie At Home parties, selling the exclusive Jamie kitchen and homeware collection.

Sharon said: “Working in partnership with Jamie is enough reward in itself, so to be recognised in this way really was the icing on the cake for me.

“His enthusiasm and passion is infectious and he really does want each and every one of our Jamie At Home businesses to succeed.”