Blackpool's humble terraces stepped back from the seafront seemed a world away from the Golden Mile

It is difficult to imagine the terraces, home to generations of Blackpool families, which stood just a few metres from the resort’s Golden Mile.

Monday, 13th December 2021, 3:45 pm
Updated Monday, 13th December 2021, 4:00 pm

Sixty or 70 years ago Bonny Street, where the Sea Life Centre and Bonny Street Market stand, were rows of humble properties, businesses and Blackpool Central Station.

The properties, cobbled together, formed another world of narrow streets, dingy backyards and old gas lamps, with unexpected views of the railway. One photo shows just how close some homes were built next to the station. Another photo shows Wilkinson’s Yard, a narrow cobbled street with homes intermingled. A white-washed cottage at the westerly end of the yard butted onto the rear of a terraced house on Bonny Street.

The quirky layout was popular with some as a throwback to a bygone era, but in March 1959, 26 homes in Bonny Street, Pleasant View and Wilkinson’s Yard were flattened by demolition crews under a slum clearance order. In case you missed it: Fire at Blackpool Tower, 1956 LOVE LANCASHIRE? LOVE NOSTALGIA? Join our Facebook page Lancashire Nostalgia

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Wilkinson's Yard, off Bonny Street in 1937, can be seen near the centre of the photo. The V shaped roofs of Central Station can be seen above the property at the end of the yard. These old streets can be seen in the triangular area between the Promenade and the Central Station platforms in the aerial view of Central Station
This photo shows Bonny Street on the right, Central Station on the left. The jumble of properties in the centre includes Wilkinson's Yard and Pleasant View. The building with the sign which reads "Martell's Brandy" marks the easterly perimiter of Wilkinson's Yard and the whitewashed cottage at the westerly end of the yard butts onto the rear of a terraced house on Bonney Street.
Wilkinson's Yard, looking towards Bonny Street (seen through the archway), 1930s
Bonney Street, Blackpool after demolition