We asked for pictures of Blackpool's biggest babies, and they're beautiful

We reported today that babies born at Blackpool Victoria Hospital are some of the biggest in England.

Monday, 15th April 2019, 1:14 pm
Updated Monday, 15th April 2019, 2:19 pm
We asked for pictures of Blackpool's biggest babies, and they're beautiful

Some 260 out of 2,715 nippers birthed at the Vic tipped the scales at four kilograms – or 8lb13oz – or more, which the Royal College of Midwives said is the benchmark for a baby to be considered large. Here are some of yours:

Esmai 10 lbs 3oz born 20/10/18 - Picture courtesy of Rebeccaq Hercus
Noel Smith. 9th march 2015. 9lb 11oz at Blackpool Vic - Picture courtesy of Natalie Smith

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My daughter Kelsey weighed 11lb and half an oz she was born at Victoria hospital in January 2004 - Picture courtesy of Lisa Marie
Roberta Bradbury born 11.12.14 at Blackpool Vic. Weighed 11lb!!!!!!! - Picture courtesy of Keri Elaine
Owen fishwick born 18/05/14 weighing 9lbs 13oz - Picture courtesy of Adam Fishwick
Ethan Thomas Blundell born on 27th April 2018 weighing 10lb 3oz!!! - Picture courtesy of Amy Bennett
Harvee-jach cumber 18/03/2011 9lb 1.5oz - Picture courtesy of Hollie Cumber
My first, who is four today!! Milo, 12/4/15 10lb 12.5oz - Picture courtesy of Claire Thomson
Lacey Burns Born 13 days ago. 30/3/19. 10lb 4 oz - Picture courtesy of Sam Burns
My youngest born weighing 9lb 7 1/2 oz xx - Picture courtesy of Victoria Hallett
My son jack barrow born at Victoria hospital 11/04/09 he was 10lb 4oz - Picture courtesy of John Paul Barrow
My Louie born 07/05/18 weighing 9lb 14 1/2oz - Picture courtesy of Amie Barnes
My first born Charlie weighed 11lb 4oz and I had him at just turning 39 weeks. He was born 11/04/2013 so has just turned 6 - Picture courtesy of Danielle Wiper
My son was born on 12.06.11 4 weeks premature and come out at 11lb 15oz xxx - Picture courtesy of Tracey Bennett Was Hornby
Thomas Owen Barrow 16/11/2016 9lb 10oz Born at Blackpool Victoria Hospital - Picture courtesy of Heather Barrow
Our baby boys both weighing the same 9lb 8oz - Picture courtesy of Laura Smith
Alfie George , born 25/03/2019 weighing 9lb 3.5oz - Picture courtesy of Ann-Marie Morris
Roman was 9lb exactly born in Dec 2014 at Blackpool Vic - Picture courtesy of Sara Louise Chadwick
This was my son Louis, born July 2001 weighing 9lb2. You can tell just how big he was because that was his 4&1/2 year old brother and he was about half his height! - Picture courtesy of Rebecca Jean Carlsson
Rosco Hoogerwerf. 15th May 2018. 9lb 2oz at Blackpool Vic - Picture courtesy of Becci Jayne
Anderson Friedman 9lb 14oz - Picture courtesy of Lianne Danielle Gregory
Thomas Rogers 24/1/2013 10lb7oz and no pain relief and natural - Picture courtesy of Jade Rogers
My big beautiful girl Frankie Robyn born 8lb 13.5oz she looked like a beast compared to all the other babies in scbu - Picture courtesy of Katie Whitehead
Isabelle Oliver born Christmas day 2012 weighing 9lb 4.5oz - 25/12/2012 - Picture courtesy of Rebecca Morley
Carter Hinds was born 24/08/2016 and weighed 9lb 1 ounce! - Picture courtesy of Charlotte Amy Barnes
My son Corey born 4/2/09 weighing 9.2 - Picture courtesy of Catherine Creaser
My baby boy Harvey was born on 2013 weighing exactly 8lb 13oz - Picture courtesy of Rebekah Bradbury
My little chunk born 21/11/14 At Blackpool Victoria hospital weighing 9lb13 - Picture courtesy of Lucy-Anne Rogers
Harley-Rose Fortt On 11/03/18 At 15.59 Weighed 9lb 2oz Victoria hospital - Picture courtesy of Kayleigh Milner
Ollie Allen Shaun Homer 21/05/17 9lb 15.5oz - Picture courtesy of Justine Redman
Mason Jai. Born 9lb 1 at 39 weeks and now weighs 15lb 12 oz at 16 weeks. My little chunk. 18/12/18 - Picture courtesy of Kirsty Owen
Kayden Clarke born 3/5/2017 weight 8lb 13oz he is 2 next month born at blackpool Victoria hospital in 2017 - Picture courtesy of Pauline Freda Louise Clarke
Kevin Pownall born 31/12/2017 at Blackpool Victoria Hospital weighed 10lb3oz - Picture courtesy of Rebecca Pownall
Kadie 8lb 14 and a half she was born at Blackpool Victoria hospital on 28/08/2010 - Picture courtesy of Jane Gough
My little boy weighed 8lb 14oz born on Christmas Day 2014 x - Picture courtesy of Holly Johnson
Harper-Alyssa born in August 2015 weighed 9lb 6oz (ouch) born at Blackpool Victoria hospital x - Picture courtesy of Alannah Shorrocks
Karlos Born 27th March 2019 8lb 1/2 0z - Picture courtesy of Gabriella Michaella Nikolarakos
Alistair born 5/12/14 at 9lb - Picture courtesy of Karla Lilly
George born 14th May 2012 at 10lb 10z xx - Justine Rainey