Resort MPs raise concerns over leadership and quality at Blackpool Victoria Hospital

MPs Paul Maynard and Gordon Marsden
MPs Paul Maynard and Gordon Marsden
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Blackpool’s MPs have raised concerns about the management of the resort’s hopsitals  following an inspection.

Paul Maynard and Gordon Marsden said the report into Blackpool Victoria Hospital by health watchdog Care Quality Commission (CQC) shows ‘deep-seated concerns’ over the running and quality of the NHS trust which runs the Vic.

The CQC said the Whinney Heys Road hospital ‘requires improvement’ again, after it as given the score almost two years ago.

In the report, it found the Vic needs to make improvements in a number of key areas including staff training, waiting times and the overall leadership of the hospital instead.

Mr Maynard, Blackpool North and Cleveleys MP, said: “The CQC report highlights long-standing and deep-seated concerns over the quality of medical care and leadership in our local hospitals.

“While I recognise there are plenty of examples of outstanding practice and acknowledge the incredible hard work and dedication of staff, the overall report demonstrates the clear need for effective management.

“Steps are being made in the right direction, particularly the appointment of Peter Murphy as the trusts Nursing Director.

“With a new leadership team in place the trust now has long-term certainty and an opportunity to take the necessary decisions, supported by the Government’s commitment to invest more than £20 billion in our NHS, and ensure local people can have confidence in their hospital.”

Mr Marsden, Blackpool South MP said: “I have to say the overall assessment on leadership and responsibility is extremely alarming. The trust have had two or three occasions to put this right and they haven’t.

“What has been said about the leadership in the report paints a picture of an organisation which is top-down to the detriment of both staff and patients.

“I’m not making any judgement on the management of the hopsital but Piers Butler [the Vic’s chairman] should also take some of the criticism and not ladle it all onto the previous chief executive.”

Mr Marsden added: “The trust really does need to take this inspection to heart and quite rapidly as well.”