Owner of Cleveleys Chinese restaurant littered with mouse droppings put customers at risk

A health inspector found the worst case of mouse infestation in a restaurant he  had come across in his career.

Wednesday, 22nd January 2020, 12:29 pm
Updated Wednesday, 22nd January 2020, 12:42 pm

Mouse droppings which can cause serious illness and even death in human were found all over the Yum Sing Chinese restaurant on Victoria Road West, Cleveleys.

The owner 45-year old Ying Ming Ho of Myrtle Avenue, Blackpool, admitted four offences in a prosecution brought by Wyre Borough Council at Blackpool Magistrates Court.

This followed an inspection of the restaurant in May last year.

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The Yum Sing restaurant was infested with mouse droppings

Details of the mouse infestation were given by council prosecutor Mary Grimshaw who described Ho's conduct as a blatant disregard for food safety.

She added: "There were mouse droppings on crockery,kitchen equipment and food storage areas and the toilet.It was an imminent risk to public health caused by wilfull neglect and general disregard for safety standards."

"There were also dirty chopping boards and dirty shelving and greasy food containers."

"In the fridge raw meat was stored above ready to eat food."

She said that following the inspection by public health officers he voluntarily closed the premises in order to clean them up.

The prosecution also said that records on food safety kept on the premises were a year out of date.

She added:" In six years working as a public health officer this was the worst case in infestation of a food premises he had come across."

The court heard that Ho had a previous caution about the state of the premises.

In an interview Ho admitted his management had not been very good.He said that the business had been struggling and accepted there had been a general disregard for hygiene standards.

Steven Townley,defending said that Ho had an interest in another restaurant and had neglected the Yum Sing.

"He has suffered a break down in his business life and also a break down in a personal relationship.However since he linked up with Just Eat his takings have improved at the Yum Sing."

He said the weekly turnover at the eaterie was £2,200.

Mr Townley added:"He has now taken personal responsibility for the Yum Sing and is not relying on other people to do his job for him."

"He has learned his lesson."

"He could have put public safety at risk but fortunately didn't"

The council asked magistrates to issue a prohibition notice forbidding Ho from being involved in the food industry.