Improved procedures for looking after vulnerable adults in Blackpool

Adult social care has come under scrutiny
Adult social care has come under scrutiny
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A clearer pathway is now in place to ensure  correct procedures are followed when it comes to handling inquiries about vulnerable adults in council care in Blackpool.

It comes after councillors made a number of recommendations as part of an internal audit report into the way issues were raised and dealt with.

Action has included ensuring errors were addressed more quickly and care providers being kept informed of the outcomes when concerns were raised.

Les Marshall, head of adult social care at Blackpool Council, said: "Sometimes we have had feedback from providers where they weren't aware what the final conclusions were of the safeguarding.

"We have assumed their presence at the meeting meant they were included in the outcome.

"But we have realised we need to put the conclusions in writing and send them a formal response.

"And some have said it has made a difference and a clear audit trail they can follow."

Updates on a number of recommendations made as part of the adult safeguarding inquiries audit update were presented to a meeting of the council's audit committee.

Committee chairman Coun Paul Galley said: "You have assured us and given us some passion, and there is continuation as well."