Here is how Sands baby charity is helping grieving parents through its new Bereavement Support Book

Lydia Collins
Lydia Collins
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A Blackpool mum whose baby died during her 34th week of pregnancy has praised a new support book provided by Sands.

The new Bereavement Support Book covers many different subjects, such as giving birth, spending time as a family and making memories, funeral planning and making difficult decisions about having a post mortem, as well as working through grief. The language is inclusive of single parents and same sex couples and includes guidance on supporting children.
Lydia Collins was 28 when her first son Theo died in 2015. She has since gone on to have another baby, Frederick. She said: “When Theo died, we weren’t sure where to turn to or how to function, let alone our entitlements and planning a funeral for our baby.
“We found the information in the support booklets from Sands helped us to process our thoughts and feelings. They gave us the different options which were available to us, and how to get there. It gave us more of a focus and starting point in lots of different areas of our lives that we would soon have to return to.
“It was also useful as not all of the bereavement support information in the booklets were for the parents. We especially found the booklet about how to approach the subject of the death of a baby with other children to be useful. We have a niece and nephews who at the time were anticipating the arrival of another cousin. It gave ideas of how to help them with their grief too.”

To download a copy of the new Sands Bereavement Support Book visit or for a free hard copy, visit

Call Sands’ freephone helpline on 0808 164 3332 or email