YOUR SAY: Pupils sent home from St George's High School

Five pupils were sent home from St George's High School in Marton last week after failing to turn up properly equipped for class.

Monday, 9th July 2018, 10:41 am
Updated Monday, 16th July 2018, 5:02 pm
St George's High School
St George's High School

A school spokesman said: “Of particular concern were pupils rightly wearing PE kit – as permitted because of the hot weather – but who in the absence of pockets did not have a bag in which to carry equipment.

“They were openly carrying mobile phones, keys and other items and intended to do so for the rest of the day.

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“These pupils were asked to return to school prepared, all of whom did within 15 minutes with the exception of one who remained at home at the request of their parent.”

It sparked the usual debate among parents - were the school’s strict policies correct or was it too heavy-handed?

Here’s your thoughts.

Good. If the kids can’t turn up with the correct stuff then send them home to get it. No doubt the people who have a problem with this are also the same people whom moan kids aren’t like they used to be as there is no discipline in schools. Well done Mr headteacher.

Steven Waterhouse

I’d have them all in pumps and trouser suits. 
No phones or makeup. 
Every credit to the school.
Image is the very seed of bullying and segregation!
We need to wind back in time. 
There is so much pressure to have the right shoes, bag, jacket and make-up. 
Just ban it all. 
That way they are all consistently even.

Adele White

They care more about uniform and policies than education

Liam Underwood

When you enter a school there is a contract signed saying you and your child will abide by all rules and procedures. Bit like when you get a job. It’s called preparing for real life.

Clare Banks

It helps prepare them for life when in work. They have to learn to follow rules.

Katie Myers

I hated school but understood that I had to tow the line and follow the rules. Just like in work. The only way you can bypass this is if you work for yourself. Even then you have to serve somebody and act accordingly.

Scott Broadhurst

At long last some good old fashioned discipline. Well done S. George’s, as a parent you have my full support

Rachel Jacques

I agree totally with the school policy, it is time to raise standards and discipline. The rules are put in place to be adhered to . I especially love the zero mobile phone tolerance recently taken and think other schools ought to follow suit

Sharon Holt

My daughter takes her phone in but it’s switched off all day in her bag/pocket but used for travel to school and home for an emergency, which I think is fair

Michelle Stansfield

I think the parents weren’t so much upset they got sent home - it was that no-one told them.

Jada Hoban

When I was at school if you forgot your bag you got detention and made to ask friends for paper and pens.

Kelly Yare

Imagine turning up for work without the correct tools...

Glyn Stevenson

If they can’t follow uniform rules then how are they expected to follow rules in a work place?

Sarah Ford

What happened to using the lost property box of spare clothes like 20 years ago? I’m sure having to wear someone’s kit will make them think again!

Simon Wilson