Standards 'may be declining' at Blackpool school - but it keeps its good ranking

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Hawes Side Academy continues to be a 'good' school, Ofsted said, though inspectors warned "standards may be declining".

Although the education watchdog praised the Marton school, in Johnsville Avenue, in some areas, it highlighted a number of causes for concern.

Some staff members don't "insist pupils behave as well as they should", a report that followed a visit last month said, while "not all subject leaders are equally confident in their role", with many new to the role and failing to make sure teachers are "teaching what they should be".

The report added: "Not all teachers make sure pupils with SEND [special educational needs and disabilities] get the support they need.

"Leaders need to make sure the activities that teachers plan help all pupils, including those with SEND, to build up their knowledge as well as they can.

"Teachers need to make effective use of what they know about all pupils in their case to plan activities that challenge and support them.

"This is particularly true for the teaching of phonics [a way of teaching children to read and write] in key stage one."

This was the first visit by Ofsted to the school since it was rated as 'good', the second best score, in April 2015.

Since then, it has changed headteacher, with Caroline Boothroyd now in charge, and several subject leaders. Other leadership roles have also been reorganised.

Youngsters enjoy going to school and feel safe, Ofsted said, with bullying met by "swift action" if it happens.

Pupils are prepared to live in a diverse society and perform well in reading, writing, and maths tests.

They are respectful and tolerant and most behave well.

"Sometimes, teachers allow some pupils to disturb the learning of others," the report added.

"Leaders work closely with midday staff to manage pupils' behaviour. Some members of staff and older pupils agree that more activities on the playground would make lunchtimes more enjoyable."

The school was contacted for a comment. It told parents in a newsletter: "Many strengths have been identified along with areas for us to work on.

"As an academy we learn from these experiences and reflect and act upon them..."