Pupils dig deep into the past through play

Youngsters at a Fylde school have been taking a step back in time.

Thursday, 29th December 2016, 11:52 am
Updated Thursday, 29th December 2016, 3:30 pm
AKS cLASS 3b Getting to grips with analysing the Stone Age...

Pupils in class 3B at AKS independent School in Lytham were treated to a trip into the past as part of their term-time topic.

Their latest topic in humanities is studying the Stone age.

Mrs Helen Ames, of the school’s history teachers in the Senior School, presented the classroom with two big boxes which were full of interesting artefacts and games for the children to play with.

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Pupils a great time in trying all three activities, which were organised to help them get an idea of what life was like back in the early dsays of mankind.

These fun “games” included guess the object, match the object and using a bed and rubber stone to grind barley into flour.

Teachers said the AKS children had a great afternoon and really enjoyed touching and feeling the real Stone age tools and objects.

After the session the youngsters have all written letters of thank you to Mrs Ames.

She now plans to put up a display in her room so the senior pupils can see what Class 3B have been learning about.

A spokesman for the school said the pupils were engrossed in the topic, adding: “A lot of the children in their letters wrote that their favourite part of the afternoon was bashing the grains, but it was hard work, and would be exhausting to make just one loaf.”