Pupils at Blackpool school get '˜banned' for bumping their heads... but it's not what you'd think!

They're often seen on the wrists of teenagers and young people following a big music festival, or families enjoying a trip out to the Pleasure Beach.

Thursday, 22nd November 2018, 8:36 am
Updated Thursday, 22nd November 2018, 9:39 am
Mereside Primary has introduced a wristband system for pupils who bang their head. Megan Blackburn, six, with pastoral manager Lesley Lawrence.

But now, a Blackpool school is using clip-on wristbands for a far more serious reason – to tell parents to keep an eye out for signs of concussion.

It’s an idea rolled out by Mereside Primary School’s new headteacher Sarah Bamber, who took over after moving from Strike Lane in Freckleton earlier this year.

Accident forms are still sent home, and parents will be called if needed, but such is the nature of playgrounds, minor bumps and bruises are often suffered – and this is a surefire way of making sure parents can keep a closer eye on their children when calls are missed and notes buried in the bottom of bags.

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School business manager Maria Lydon said: “With bumped heads, you have that risk of more serious issues happening if there’s no warning there to keep an eye out. Rather than a note that can be missed and child becoming poorly with no obvious reason why, we bring it to the forefront of parents’ minds.”

The white wristbands are printed using a special machine at the Langdale Road school, and were introduced after half-term ended last month.

Head Sarah said: “It is important that schools communicate first aid incidents such as a bump to the head with parents and carers as effectively as possible. This is our duty of care.

“The printed band attached to their wrist accompanied by a letter home and a phone call, will ensure that the message is received at home.”

Wristbands are also used during class trips out, with the date of the trip, venue, and school’s contact details printed in case of emergency.