North West firm backs bid to cut cost of school uniforms

Parents of older kids have to pay VAT on some school items '“ but a tax change could save them money.

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Thursday, 28th June 2018, 3:56 pm
New savings scheme will help parents

A local firm is hoping that VAT changes can reduce the cost of school uniforms for teenagers.

The campaign to see VAT reduced first gained backing in 2007, but despite receiving widespread support, it was thwarted by EU rules on tax.

The Schoolwear Association say that post Brexit it may be able to attempt another change.

Currently, VAT is payable on clothes for children 14 and older, including school uniforms, but the campaign called for a 5% reduction on all school clothes

carrying a logo.

“We argued that if a garment has a logo on it, it cannot be considered leisurewear,” said a spokesperson

“VAT on school clothes is unfair. If you have children who do not fit the norm, if they are taller or bigger than their peers, they need larger clothes.”

The logic behind the cut off at 14 is that smaller adults should not be able to avoid the tax by buying children’s clothes – a point the Schoolwear Association argues is irrelevant when talking about logo-bearing school uniforms.

David Hoyle from Uniform and Leisurewear Company, which has branches in Garstangm Blackpool and Lancaster, tries to keep costs down to make them affordable for all families. Uniform, he says, is a leveller, so that there’s no such thing as ‘rich kids and poor kids’, which can lead to bullying.

He has also introduced a year-round savings club, to help families budget.

It keeps school uniforms in stock for all the main Lancashire schools, including Blackpool,Heysham High, Garstang, Kirkham, Morecambe and Lancaster, and has items in stock for Ripley and LGGS.

It also stocks sportswear and workwear.

Find out more about their range of top quality school wear in contact Uniform and Leisurewear Company, based in the North West, on 01524 388355 or go to the website at