A LEVEL RESULTS: Triplets all get top marks in the SAME subject and will ALL join the RAF

Three sisters '“ identical triplets '“ all got the same mark, in the same subject, and will now go on to launch careers in the Armed Forces.

Thursday, 17th August 2017, 3:40 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:57 pm
Sabrina Leahy, Charlotte Leahy and Georgia Leahy, who all achieved three distinction stars at Blackpool Sixth Form College

Georgia, Charlotte, and Sabrina Leahy, all 18 and from Gosforth Road in Bispham, were all smiles this morning as they tore open their envelopes to find they had each achieved a triple distinction star in public services.

The trio are now set to join the RAF, following in their father John’s footsteps, after leaving Blackpool Sixth Form with the best grades possible.

“We did help each other out,” Charlotte, who wants to be an intelligence analyst, said after picking up her results.

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“We’re going through the fitness stage. After that, I have another interview. And if we pass, it’s a 10-week basic course.”

Sabrina, who has dreams of becoming an aerospace systems operator, said she has yet to tell her recently-retired dad of her amazing success.

“My dad lives in Chester,” she added. “I will see him next weekend. He will be happy.

And Georgia – who will work in air cartography if training goes well – said finding out she had passed the coursework-driven subject before yesterday morning helped ease the nerves.

She said: “That took the pressure off a bit. My dad inspired me to do it.”

Around 900 students received their results from Blackpool Sixth Form, which celebrated a record pass rate for the third year running – 99.6 per cent, up from 99.4 per cent in 2016.

Principal Jill Gray said: “We are delighted with this wonderful set of results, which reflects the dedication and hard work of our students and staff.

“Results like these mean our students will be able to progress to their chosen next step with an excellent foundation for future success. We are extremely proud of their achievements.”

In A-level subjects, more than half of students received grades of A*, A, or B, while in Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC) subjects, more than 85 per cent got distinction stars.


8 Passes: R J Fairclough.

6 Passes: E Gibson, H T Swatton.

5 Passes: G Adefowope, C Adshead, A L Angle, C R Appleton, A Arthur, L E Bagshaw, M E Bamber, E Bannister, I Billenness, J P Bromilow, J L Brown, T J Cash, N N H Choudhury, P Chow, S Daniel, R Drabble, A Duerden, S Edwards Townsend, O Fairbrother, J Fallows, C Flint, E Gacoscos, M E Gough, C Green, S C Haigh, J O Hall, M A Hill, N J Hill, T Hilton, L Hinchliffe, C J Hodgin, J W James, C J H Johnson, S A Khan, C L Knott, P Kollard, E Laine, R L Large, V H Leigh, J Lewis, E A Manning, D Marsden, G Martin, L Mcclean, J McKenzie, E O McNamee, E Menzies, S B Morrison, D A Nickson, E J Osborne, T L Parry, O Pearson, C J Purcell, H Rahman, R Rajendran, E J Reeve, K M Reid, F N Sandiford, A Shaw, H Short, L Simone, C P Southern, A P Stone, J F Stott, R Suriyakumaran, H P Taylor, J Thomas, H W Thompson, E G Townley, M Wakefield, M C Waters, C L Westhead, J J Worrall, C Young.*

4 Passes: C F Abram Forbes, D M J Ackrell, N L Addy, N Al Baghdadi Mcchrystal, H Alaoui Harouni, T O Allen, K Anderson, E Anderton, B Ankers, A Anwar, L G Aplando, R M Argent, T Arjkampan, E D Arthur, S H Arthur, E L Ashford, T Aspey, L Atha, O L Atkinson, J M Audin, L J Bagnall, M A Bailey, J A Bairstow, M S Baker, S Banister, M Banks, C M L Barber, P L Barber, J E Barnes, C E Barrett, C V Bayliss, L J Beck, K A Beckett, A M Beddis, C D Bee, E Bennett, J T Bennett, B Benny, A Bevan, E Black, L Blackburn, M H L Blackburn, O K V Blaydes, C J Booth, I C Booth, J Booth, T Bradford, E M Bradley, A L Bradshaw, L S Brandon, M Brocklehurst, R Brook, E Brookhouse, A Brooks, C A Brooks, J Brothwood, C J Brown, J Bruce, K Brumwell, D Bryce, E L Bumby, C J Bunting, B E Burns, R Burns, E Burrell, A J Butler, S L Butler, N Butt, E Caddick, S Caldwell, C J Callaghan, O Cambell, G A Carbray, E M Cardwell, J F Cardwell, S Cardwell, H Carroll, J M Carter, L Catterall, P Caunce, B Charleston, K Chell, S Y Choudhury, A Chowdhury, E G Christie, X B Churcher, L Churchill, V N Clark, C Clarke, H W Clarke, A R Clegg, J Clegg, J Clegg, K Clempson, R Clowes, D Coker, J Colclough, S Coleman, N Collinge, J Collins, O Copeland, E Coultas, E A Coultas, A Coulton, J E Coyne, E Craine, M Crewe, J N Croft, L R Cross, L W Cross, O T Crowe, T J L Crumby, J P G Cunday, M P Cunliffe, E Cupitt, T M Curtis, E A Darkouche, B Davidson, M Davidson, S J Davies, A Deary, T O Delaney, S J Denton, S Dewhurst, G Di Meo, L Diss, C M Dolan, S C Dooley, S Dootson, S J S Douglas, K Draper, A Drinkwater, A Duffy, T A Dunbar, B Dunstan, A L Duxbury, L J Dwyer, L Eastham, A Eastwood, D Edgar, R L J Egnor, S A Ehlke-West, D J Ellis, M J Entwisle, G Esiategiwa, J Etchells, B L Eva, C E Evanson, J N Fairhurst, J L Fawl, E Finlay, R Finnerty, L R Fisher, M Fisher, A Footman, E M Forsyth, B Foster, C P Foster, M O Foster, J Fox, L Frankel, E Fyall, K Fyffe, W Gainford, C Gallagher, D Gallagher, P D Gater, J H Gawthorpe, K George, J Gibbons, C L Gibbs-Taylor, C Giles, K M Gleeson, T A D Godwin, C W Goldsack, B Goldstone, J Goodrick, M Gowland, K Grafton, C J Graham, D Grassie, M T Gravner, A Green, S Green, S Greene, N S Greenwood, T Gregg, L M Griffin, C A Grove, H G Groves, K L Guest, L E R Guest, M Gungor, E M Gunther, B J Guy, O Hadley, A Hale, K Hall, R L Hall, D Hambleton, L Hampson, S D Hancock, J Hanlon, J G Hanson, H Hardingham, E Hargreaves, K Hargreaves, K Harling, A D Harris, H E Harris, M A R Harris, E Harrison, N Harrison, S Harrison, O Haskett, Z Haslam, M Hatherley, E Hawkins, T Haworth, R Haynes, R Healey, A T Heap, E H Heminsley, E Heslop, E Hewitt, N A Heyworth, D Hickman, S L Higgs, J Hill, K N Hill, J Hill Barreiro, J Hindley, C E Hirst, S Hitchon Wilding, D Hodgkinson, E L Hodgkiss, J Hodgson, O I Hogarth, P Hogg, R A Holbach, E Holman, F Holt, O J Holt, D Hood, S Hopkin, C R Horrocks, J Horrocks, M Houlton, E G House, R Howard-Pritchard, D K Huddlestan, E Hughes, K Hughes, H J Hugo, C R Hulme, G M Hutt, C S Hutton Brown, S Islam, C Jackson, E Jackson, H C Jackson, R Jackson, T Jeff, J P Jenkins, L Jerome, C Johnson, H A Johnson, M Johnson, M A Johnson, M Johnstone, F Jones, L M Jones, S Jones, P A Jones Wright, M Jowett, A Kelly, K S Kelly-Toole, M L Kemp, H Kennedy, M R Kennerley, S R Kenny-Cooper, L Khokher, F F Kizhakkayil, R L Knisz, B Kumar, S Lagzda, P J Lakeman, C P Lam, G Lass, R Latham, I Latimer, M Law, M Lawrinson, R Lees, C A Leigh, J Lettice, K Leyland, K Linacre, T J Lindsay, R J Loftus, E M Lonican, J S Lucas, C E Lumber, G Macauley, L J Maccallum, D Mack, J Malcolm, E R Manders, E Marley, R Marr, A K Marsden, J Marsden, N Marshall, T Martin, G Masters, V J Matthews, I Mawdsley, H Mayer Wilkinson, E Mayor, N J McCulloch, J McGarry, J G McGarry, L A McGlynn, A McGovern, A J McGovern, A McLean, K L McLean, M McMahon, I McManus, C Medd, D T Melia, C Mercer, E Meredith, H Meskimmon, T F Meyer, V Michalaki, S Midgley, K A Mikula, E P Millar, M J Moat, C Molloy, B Morley, E F Morley, H L Morris, S M Morrison, A C Morrissey, D T Moyle, C J Mumby, L Munday, S Munoz Garcia, J Munro, J Murdoch, C R Murgatroyd, A Murphy, E M Murphy, V Murphy, J Muttitt, C J Naylor, D P Nicholson, J Nicholson, S R J Nicholson, J T P Nicklin, M Niland, J L Nixon, N Nosowska, E R O Connell, K W O Neill, C M O’Cleirigh, N Oldman, C O’Neil, J M Ormson, M Osborne, J Owen, R Palmer, M J A Panter, M Parker, E Parkinson, L Patterson, C Peacock, C Pearson-Jones, H Pegler, D Perch, A Perera, E Perkes, Z L Perry, R Peters, A L Pinkett, A J Plant, E G Platt, H J Poland, M R Pomfret, T L R Porter, B V Potts, S Premkumar, A Price, C Price, L Priestley, S Pritchard, H Pye, L T Quarmby, R Quayle, S C Quinn, J Rainey, E J Ralph, A L Ramsden, M Ramsden, H A Reed, J Reid, E E Rendell, A Renold, B Reynolds, C M Richardson, L Richardson, Y Richardson, K H Ridgway, E Riedel, M L Riley, H Roabuck, J A C Robbins, C T Roberts, E Roberts, J Roberts, J O J Roberts, O M Roberts, S Roberts, A A Robertson, D M Robinson, E A Robinson, H Roe, S Royle, G M Rushton, J E Rushton, A Saunders, T Savage, O Saxon, I Scarr, J Schembri, M C Schofield, A J Scott, G Scott, A G Scott-Rattray, G Scrivener, A L Sealey, C T Y Searle, J Searle, B Sharples, C A Shore, J A Shrewsbury, A K Simpson, K Simpson, M G Simpson, F Slack, A Slater, L Slater, J G Slattery, A Smith, C Smith, C Smith, C A Smith, C M Smith, E P E Smith, J L Smith, K Smith, K A Smith, R G Smith, E M Spencer, J L Spencer, L S Spencer, N Srikantharasa, O Steele, J Stein, C Stephens, I E Stephenson, E Stevens, L M Stevenson, A Stewart, J Strother, E Stubbs, J Z Stultz, N Stuteley, C Summers, E E Swales, B S Swift, C Swift, J G Tawn, M Taylor, M E Taylor, R H Taylor, T E Taylor, L Thomas, C Thompson, D A Thompson, E Thompson, W J Thompson, W T Threlfall, S J Tickle, G Timperley, M Todd, E Tolley, A Townsend, A Treece Birch, B L Turnbull, W Turnbull, H J Turner, J Turner, G T A Ulangkaya, M A Unwin, L Vaughan, S Verma, L A Walker, M Walker, R Walker, E L Wallace, J Wallace Mills, L P J Wallbank, C Walsh, Y A Walsh, O E Warburg, C Warburton, D Warburton, E Ward, J E Washbourne, C Watts, M Watts, N Way-Grime, E Wellard, G J Wells, W D C Weston, A Wetherill, T White, H J Whitehead, J J Whitehead, L J Whitehead, E G Whittington, C Whittle, D Wilcock, A B Wilkins, K S Wilkinson, H Williams, M Williams, A R Wilson, M D Winnard, C L Wise, A Wiseman, E Wishart, H Wolstencroft, J A Wood, R H Woodhouse, F H Woods, M H Woon, C A Wright, J A Wright, A J Wylie, D J C Wylie, K L Yeoman.*

3 Passes: J Adams, S Adamson, K Ali, G A F Amos, H Andrews, J Arrowsmith, L A Aspinall, O Atkinson, C E Bailey, N J Bailie, L V Baker, N G Baluyut, A J Banks, T Bardusco Brazier, A J Barlow, T Barnes, A Barrowclough, C L Barry, G D V Beare, C E Beckett, E Beech, S Begum, E Berry, M A Biggs, L Bolton, S Bolton, A J Bottomley, P S Bould, A Bowden, M Boyd, H A Bradshaw, J Brennan, G M Bridge, P L Brodrick, L W Broughton, F J Buckley, D Burns, L J Burrows, M Burrows, A J Butterworth, J Byram Davies, G Byrne, M Caine, D A Cairns, L W Campbell, C Cannon, J A Cardwell, L Carney Todd, O Carr, I Cartain Farish, A N Carter, D J Carter, J L Chappell, T Chipping, C Clark, F J Clark, A E Clarke, L K Coleman, J J T Collins, A J Connell, J A Connolly, E E Cooke, M W Craig, W Crompton, C Curtis, J Davies, J R Davies, A Davis, O A S Deacon, B Dean, E Deegan, T Dewhirst, J Dique, W Donegani, A R Dorillo, T M Dugdale, J A Eastham, L Edwards, Y El Ousfour, R P Ellis, A J Engstrom, B Fairclough, D Farley, C A D Farrar, C Faulkner, R M G Faulkner, C Fielding, C Fitzmaurice, H L Fletcher, B Flint, A M D Folley, K J Foronda, E Fox, K J Fricker Goddard, E G Fryer, R W Golby, L Grayston, S Greener, D Gruber, J F Gudgeon, F G E Gudoy, I Hamani, L M Hambly, S Hammad, G Hampson, G Hardacre, J Harding, R E Hardisty, A A Harris, S Hart, B Harvey, J J K Haydar, D Hayden, A R Heath, S Heyworth, G Hill, L J Hind, C A Hindle, C S Hodge, M Hollowell, R G Houghton, M J Houton, L L Hoyle, R Hull, J A Hutchinson, O Hyland, A J Illsley, D Impett, T Impett, M K Innes, C L Jackson, L Jackson, L C Jackson, R Jefferson, L Johnson, L G Jones, D Joyce, L Joyner, D R Keegan, A E Kerr, C Knapp, O Knowles, H Y Koo, H M Lambe, T Lawson, L Layton, J Lea, J Leadbetter, C Leahy, G Leahy, S J Leahy, R Lealand, J T Lee, L C F Lee, J J Lever, G Li, S Lindgren, E J Logue, S Longstaff, A P Lord, W Lu, H Mackay, G Madden, C Mageean, C Maginnis, C March, C Markham, J Marnick, J A Marshall, A Mathew, R J Matthews, M Maunder, R McDonnell, J McGarrity, A Mclachlan, A K Monaghan, B Moore, M Moores, T Morley, J Morris, T Munro, E M Muspratt, S Navaratnam, J Nelson, B O’Flaherty, M W Ormrod, D Payne, K D Pemberton, R K Pennington, E Pilling, E J Pilling, T Pilmore, J C Piper, S J Porter, S Potter, S Potts, J S Poxon, C E Preece, K Preece, T D Priestley, H L Purdy, D F Ralph, A Reid, M H Richardson, L E Richman, H Riding, B T Riley, B Rimmington-Mills, J C T Roach, L Roberts, S E Rogers, S Rollston, S Roumeliotis, G M Rowe, R L Salkeld, S R Salthouse, Y Sattar, A Scarlett, G L Scowcroft, M Scruton, E C Seddon, K L Sharples, A Shaw, J L Shewan, C G Shuttleworth, L Simey, O J Smith, P T Smith, G Sothern, S Spence, S Spink, D T Squires, J Squirrell, L M Standaloft, S J Stannard, E Steventon, C J Stonley, T K Studholme, A L Sudworth, J Sweeney, D J Tabeart, M P Talbot, H Thewlis, M E Thompson, A Titova, E Tomlinson, T J Tredinnick, D Turner, G Tweedale, D R Unsworth, E Unsworth, C Wade, G Waller, S L Walsh, C A Warwick, I Watkins, E J Welch, A Whalley, J Whitaker, C White, L Whittaker, J Whittles, C Williams, E R Wilson, S Wilson, B O Windows, N C Wood, S J Wood.

2 Passes: J Arkwell, T J Bagshaw, O Bailey, S Beaumont, J M Brady, M Clare, J Fleetwood, F M Goucher, J Jones, C H Loftus, T A I Lumei, K Naylor, J O’Neill.

*1 Passes: C McNally