Honking convoy in Fylde fracking protest

More than 20 drivers joined a convoy of noise at the Fylde fracking site to support a Blackpool man threatened with arrest for honking his support for anti-frackers.

Friday, 29th September 2017, 5:16 pm
Updated Wednesday, 4th October 2017, 3:48 pm
Brian Morrison leads the beeping convoy past the fracking site at Preston New Road

Brian Morrison who runs BizSocial Networking made an official complaint to Lancashire Police after being stopped at the site by a officer who ordered him to stop beeping when he passed on his way to work.

On Friday he led a convoy of cars driving slowly past the site all beeping their horns.

The site was also the scene of a protest against Cuadrilla’s shale gas drilling operation there from anti-fracking campaigners from Northern Ireland, Lancashire residents, Quakers and trades union activists.

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Brian Morrison leads the beeping convoy past the fracking site at Preston New Road

While supporters of fracking say it would provide a home-grown gas supply, jobs and a boost for the local economy, opponents say it will create few jobs and the process risks polluting the environment as has been reported in the US.

Brian Morrison said: “I am still upset with the police for being stopped and shouted at but I said I would carry on supporting the campaigners and I have.

“I had so many messages of support on social media that we decided to have the convoy to make a point about the right to protest.”

Tina Rothery from the Lancashire Nanas campaign group said people who have maintained a vigil at the roadside since Cuadrilla started working in January were glad of Brian’s support. She said: “I have huge admiration for people like Brian. This highlights the right to protest and for people to beep their horn in support when they feel like it.

Brian Morrison leads the beeping convoy past the fracking site at Preston New Road

“It is not a built up area or after dark. This convoy is a typically British way of responding.”

Kirkham town councillor Miranda Cox said: “The support we get from drivers like him as we stand along the roadside has been incredible and the beeping really cheers us up.

“When you take away someone’s right to express themselves then they will respond in such a way as this. It is important to protect people’s right to protest. It is also great to see such a humorous response.”

Pam Foster, from Residents Action on Fylde Fracking, said: “It’s fantastic to be joined by campaigners from Northern Ireland who also have the unwanted experience of drilling in their community and who are here to show their support, alongside trades unions and Quakers.”