Hambleton teen faces detention at Hodgson Academy because of his 'inappropriate' haircut

Kelly Smith and Jason Kirkbride
Kelly Smith and Jason Kirkbride
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A Hambleton mum has branded her son’s school ‘ridiculous’ after he was put into detention for having his hair ‘too short’.

Jason Kirkbride, 14, is a pupil at Hodgson Academy in Poulton and mum Kelly Smith was shocked when she found out he was told his haircut was ‘inappropriate.’

Jason's 'inappropriate' haircut

Jason's 'inappropriate' haircut

Kelly, of Bull Park Lane and works for the family insulation company, said: “I feel his hair looks smart, fresh, neat and tidy. Not only that but having shorter hair is more hygienic.

“I don’t understand how a haircut could be distracting, or make my son not look smart unless it had some fancy designs or colour.

“It’s nothing to do with his education.

“I find the school policy ridiculous, and a number two can be too long. This would mean regular trips to the barbers, and sometimes this is not possible.

“So a shorter cut would be better as it lasts longer.”

Kelly says above all, Jason’s education is the main priority and says he is being affected by the situation.

She added: “I feel sorry for students with alopecia and boldness as they will definitely be more noticeable and singled out.

“I get this is not the end of the world but when did we start worrying more about which grade of hair cut a child received other than there education this should be top priority.

“Sometimes students have long unkept hair and can look untidy again nothing to do with education more about personal preference.

“In the army they shave their hair and it looks smart and sharp.

“There are many other things that they give out detentions for that I feel are unnecessary, especially things that don’t interfere with learning or that are doing any harm.”

According to the ‘Uniform and Appearance Policy’ on Hodgson Academy’s website, hair must be ‘styled in an appropriate manner that is acceptable to the academy.’

Shaven hair shorter than a number two, covering all or part of the head is listed under examples of inappropriate hairstyles.

It says that ‘students exhibiting inappropriate hairstyles will be sanctioned. This may include attending daily detentions and/or working in isolation until the problem is rectified.’

The final judgement as to what constitutes an inappropriate hairstyle is taken by the senior assistant headteacher or, in her absence, the headteacher or deputy.


Hodgson Academy was contacted for comment but did not respond.