GCSE Results Day 2021: Fleetwood High School headteacher praises pupils' support for each other

Fleetwood High School pupils received their GCSE results today - but as well as their academic achievements, the school's headteacher commended their kindness and compassion.

Thursday, 12th August 2021, 4:39 pm

Richard Barnes, headteacher at the school, in Broadway, said: "While we are celebrating so many students securing so many impressive sets of results, I think it is important that we look past the outcomes. These students have had to show tremendous resilience and determination. A lot has been asked of them, and we are delighted that so many of them are celebrating today."

Pupils Tegan Hood, Aleks Bogdeva, Ben Darwin and Viktoria Byutulyuneva all performed "exceptionally well," staff said, and have secured the grades that they need to follow their chosen destinations at college.

Tegan will take Psychology and Law, Aleks will take Maths, Psychology and Law and Ben will be taking Engineering.

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Fleetwood High School Year 11s celebrate their GCSE results. Pic: JPI Media

Viktoria was delighted to get both her English and her Maths, allowing her to move towards a career in teaching, teachers said.

Mr Barnes continued: “All our students have been so impressive. They have achieved as individuals, but what I take the most pride in is that they have worked together as a group to support one another. They have shown real kindness and compassion - and for that alone they deserve every accolade that we can bestow upon them.

"They are an extraordinary group of young people, who have been through an extraordinary experience. I would also like to thank and acknowledge my colleagues. All of the staff, from the teachers through to our brilliant cleaners, have played a role in helping today be one that will live in the memory.

"It has been a collective effort where everyone has done more than has been asked of them. While today is rightly about our pupils, every member of community should look at the smiles we are seeing and take a huge amount of satisfaction from that."

Victoria Byutyuneva was shocked with her results... in a good way! Pic: Daniel Martino/JPI Media
Tegan Hood celebrates her results. Pic: JPI Media