'Cut is good for army' - Reaction from Gazette readers about 14-year-old's 'inappropriate' haircut

Jason Kirkbride with his mum Kelly Smith
Jason Kirkbride with his mum Kelly Smith
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A Hambleton mum has branded her son’s school ‘ridiculous’ after he was put into detention for having his hair “too short”.

Jason Kirkbride, 14, is a pupil at Hodgson Academy in Poulton and mum Kelly Smith was shocked when she found out he was told his haircut was “inappropriate”.

Jason is a Hodgson Academy pupil

Jason is a Hodgson Academy pupil

Kelly, of Bull Park Lane, who works for the family insulation company, said:

“I find the school policy ridiculous, and a number two can be too long. This would mean regular trips to the barbers, and sometimes this is not possible.

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“So a shorter cut would be better as it lasts longer.

“In the army they shave their hair and it looks smart and sharp.”

This is what Gazette readers had to say on the subject.

It’s a short back and sides! It looks very smart! I don’t understand what hair, uniform, shoes, make-up, etc have to do with learning. This kind of thing gives discipline a bad reputation, children and young people need to be disciplined but not for things like this.
David King

How come boys were allowed to have this haircut in the 1940s and why is there such a problem with it these days? It is neat and smart.
Elaine Butterworth

I agree the young man looks tidy and can find no fault in his hair style nevertheless, the school has a policy in place that all students need to follow and parents need to respect that policy.
Gillian Murtagh

Throughout the history of school, kids have had to maintain uniform and appearance standards. Why is today different? It is not wrong to enforce discipline, and occasionally tell a young person that they can’t do something, or that something is inappropriate.
Paul Daley

Looks nice and tidy to me and looks a lovely lad. I think they need to have a word with themselves.
Pam Collier

This is the style now I can’t see what’s wrong it’s smart and tidy.
Valerie Wall

As an ex-army member, they had a very strict hair code. We looked smart and well presentable. Why does the school not recognize a smart hair cut?
Tony Codling

Rules are rules, my son had same last year, skin fade not allowed! Punishment done, move on and learnt no skin fades! If that’s the school rule you abide by it end of.
Craig Ward

It is a short back and sides, it was regulation in the army so should be good enough for any school. He looks very smart.
Shirley Murray

It’s simple...follow the rules! School’s issue guidance on what is acceptable and what isn’t.
Stuart Wade

Why do the school not recognised smart and trendy can look good with school uniform? This boy looks fine to me.
Lesley Sargeant

Education is more important, not haircuts ! It looks neat and tidy to me.
Joanne Whittaker