Boundary Primary School celebrates British values with election day

A Blackpool primary school held elections for its pupils in a bid to promote British values and teach them about democracy.

Monday, 4th October 2021, 3:45 pm

Youngsters at Boundary Primary School in Dinmore Avenue, Grange Park, learned about democracy and fairness as pupils in each class put themselves forward to be elected onto the school council.

Candidates wrote their own manifestos in a bid to win the votes of their peers, for a chance to meet with staff twice each half term and have their say on how the school is run.

Teacher Catherine Farley said: "The children had ballot papers and voted for their school councillors, just as we would during election time.

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Cleo Keenan, five. Pic: Daniel Martino for JPI Media

"The pupils who wanted to be a councillor for their class wrote their own manifestos, which aligned with our characteristics we teach in the school.

"Being a good listener, being honest, being respectful - these are some of the values we teach which were linked with the manifestos they wrote.

"The pupils elected will meet twice every half term, and they have to be able to voice their thoughts and opinions and have a say in how the school is run."

The school also had a "Great British Lunch" on the day, as well as Union Jack cupcakes and lessons about traditional British values.

Emily Carter, five. Pic: Daniel Martino for JPI Media

"Democracy is obviously a British value," Ms Farley continued.

"So the day helped to really raise the profile of elections, voting and fairness in the country."

Pupils at Boundary Primary School in Grange Park held school elections to learn more about democracy and British values. Pic: Daniel Martino for JPI Media