Bookmark scheme sets new standard at Blackpool schools

Teachers at schools across the Fylde Academy Trust group are turning the tables on pupils.

Wednesday, 26th February 2020, 11:45 am
Pupils at Unity Academy check out the bookmarks

Instead of asking what they know, the question is, “What do you think you don’t know?”

It is all part of a new initiative to improve vocabulary skills.

Once students have pondered the question of what they don’t know they are given a custom made WIKI bookmarks. WIKI stands for What I Know Will Use! The bookmarks contain common prefixes, suffixes and root words to help pupils to break down words and unpick the meaning of unfamiliar words.

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Unity Academy pupil - Halima Amin with the bookmarks

Estelle Bellamy, director of English for FCAT, said: “I am launching the bookmark in all school assemblies across FCAT with a consistent message that students should use pre-existing knowledge of language to work out the meaning of new words.

“Ultimately we are trying to make our young people into highly confident, highly skilled independent learners”.

The bookmarks were designed following input from staff and pupils into the key words and layout of this learning tool.

Estelle added: “All staff are being encouraged to use them in lessons and it is not uncommon to see a whole class using the bookmark so skilfully.”

Tony Nicholson, CEO of The Fylde Coast Academy Trust said “I am confident that the WIKI bookmark will assist all our young people to develop even further those very important independent learning skills”.