Your views on Council-owned land earmarked for new homes: "Our green spaces are precious"

Your views on Council-owned land earmarked for new homes: "Our green spaces are precious"
Your views on Council-owned land earmarked for new homes: "Our green spaces are precious"
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Proposals have been unveiled to build up to 47 new homes  on open space in Blackpool as part of a scheme to help more residents get on the housing ladder.

The council is applying for outline permission to develop a site off Ryscar Way in Bispham.

Last year it received a government grant of £3.1m to unlock three parcels of council-owned land for potential future housing development.

Of this, £400,000 has been allocated for infrastructure at the Ryscar Way site.

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If planning permission is approved, the land will then be marketed and sold to a developer.

We asked for your opinions and here are a selection of your views from our Facebook page....

Any new schools, doctor’s and dentists to go with all these new builds?

Tara Collen

It’s about time they built some council houses and more assisted living places.

Linda Bradshaw

Stop building on green land!!!

Susan Bacakoglu

Yet again it’s saying housing for local people but selling land to companies so local people will get again be priced out. the local council needs to add to council stock then local people wont be at the mercy of private landlords and be able to rent with out worry of being evicted a few months down the line or the house/flat being sold under them.

Jan Pritchard

Council properties are needed for people to rent, not property to buy, do not agree with anything being built on green spaces.

Susan Ash

More green space lost.

Julie Salkeld

Yes build here because there are lots of jobs in Blackpool. I don’t think so - stop building here.

Ann Rogers

I hope the land will all be brownfield land, like the Bispham School site. Our green spaces are precious.

Vivienne O’Shea

Need council houses, schools, shops and doctors play areas, but for definite council houses not private.Rents too high.

Sonia Garrity

Plant some trees there instead?

Daniel Starritt

Where are all the jobs/businesses for the people who will move into all these homes ?

Wendy Hartley

Any new roads to cope with the increased congestion as a result of these new houses? Thought not!

Andy Watts

There will be no green space left!

Rachel Monks

What about the water table??Flooding abound!

Leah Mikila

I get that we need more homes - although we could always do something about this which are uninhabitable?

But please, let us choose the brownfield land and make sure we provide the infrastructure and resources needed to enable a sustainable community for years to come.

Helen Dempster