In-store Boxing Day sales expected to fall across Britain - but lighter crowds in Blackpool are welcome news for some

The infamous Boxing Day sales are traditionally the most hotly-anticipated event of the year for the savvy shopper.

Thursday, 26th December 2019, 1:00 pm
People at the Boxing Day sales at Houndshill

Shoppers are expected to turn out year on year in the hopes of snagging a bargain.

But with the rise of online shopping and the so-called ‘fall of the high street’, can Blackpool’s stores continue to bring in the customers - and the cash - so soon after Christmas?

Karen Leader, 66, who has run Accessories 4 You inside the Houndshill Shopping Centre for 10 years, said: “Blackpool I think has been quiet this whole year. It's definitely quieter than last year.

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People at the Boxing Day sales at Houndshill

“I have worked Boxing Day every year since I started. It’s definitely gotten less busy. Without holidaymakers we don’t get many visitors.

“Online shopping hasn’t helped, Brexit hasn’t helped and the lack of jobs in Blackpool hasn’t helped, but now the Council has bought the centre we’re looking forward to future things.”

In-store Boxing Day takings were expected to fall but just over 12 per cent across the country this year, according to VoucherCodes and the Centre for Retail Research.

But the lighter crowds in the shopping centre were not bad news for everyone.

People at the Boxing Day sales at Houndshill

Janice Malborn, 76, from Mansfield in Nottinghamshire, said: “I prefer it when it’s not too busy. Boxing Day is getting slacker than how it used to be, but that suits me as I get older.

“We like to come away every Christmas and we love it here. I take my great-granddaughter a bear back from Build-A-Bear each time we come, and we’re hoping to find some bargains at the Disney Store.”

Maureen Jelly, 56, from Staining said: “I’m quite old-fashioned and like seeing what I’m buying. I don’t buy online.”

Clifford Peacock, 60, from Bispham added: “I come every Boxing Day with my wife and kids. We’ve been to Boots, Next, River Island and we’re about to visit Debenhams. We got some good value things; it’s worth doing and we do it every year.”

People at the Boxing Day sales at Houndshill