North West teens dream of running their own business

NW teens have designs on business success
NW teens have designs on business success
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New research into young people’s attitudes towards their future careers has found that 42 per cent of 16 to 24-year-olds based in the North West have the ambition to set up their own business during their working life.

A survey commissioned by AAT Association of Accounting Technicians found that nearly half feel that starting their own business is an accessible option for them as a career choice based on their social background (58 per cent nationally).

Asked about what the most important factors are in setting up their own business, having enough money to get started is seen as the top priority (44 per cent). When it comes to the skills required for starting a business, 43 per cent surveyed identified financial management skills as the most important skill followed by communication/negotiation skills and leadership skills.

Looking at the national level, young women in the UK are just as determined as young men to set up their own businesses one day – 42 vs 44 per cent, while almost half of those from a lower socio-economic background want to start their own business compared to 46 from a middle one and 44 with a higher one.