MP and protesters call for fracking to be halted

Cat Smith
Cat Smith
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A Lancashire MP has called for fracking to be banned after two more earth tremors in the county.

Lancaster and Fleetwood MP Cat Smith reacted after Cuadrilla revealed there had been two more micro seismic events at its site at Preston New Road, near Blackpool, last night and early today.,

The Labour MP tweeted: "Whilst most of Lancashire was asleep last night there were TWO earth tremors.

"This will become such a common occurrence if fracking is allowed to continue."

She added: "Fracking forced on us by a Tory government!

"Stop fracking, leave dirty fossil fuels in the earth & invest in renewables!".

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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn also called for fracking to be banned when hie visited protesters at Cuadrilla's site recently.

Hydraulic fracturing has to be halted when seismic activity above 0.5 on the Richter scale is experienced.

But Cuadrilla says that even Wednesday's larger tremor would have gone unnoticed by local residents.

It would have felt similar to someone dropping a large bag of shopping on the floor, it said.

A spokesman for Frack Free Lancashire said: "Ninety one tremors since last week have been inflicted on residents of the Fylde Coast, with several of those being strong enough to be felt and cause worry and distress for communities.

“It is both contemptuous and irresponsible for Cuadrilla to continually dismiss and dumb-down the many concerns we have, by making facile comparisons with earth tremors being “like dropping a bag of shopping” or a “glass of milk shaking”.

“By ignoring the real issues happening under the ground, with the serious risks to well integrity, the industry is able to keep operating, with outright disdain for the community they’ve forced their way into.”