Morrisons' 20p charge for a paper bag has not exactly impressed our readers

Morrisons US-style paper grocery bags, priced at 20p
Morrisons US-style paper grocery bags, priced at 20p
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Morrisons is hiking the price of long-life plastic bags to 15p and introducing a paper version costing 20p as part of a trial.

The supermarket said the eight-week trial at eight stores is in response to customers saying that reducing plastic is their top environmental concern. Here's a taste of what you thought:

Great idea if it's a bag for life were you swap it every time it breaks, never actually made it home with a paper bag intact

Mark O'Rourke

The veg bags go soggy n nasty or rip..... So these are destined to be tripe too

Umm Arwa

Good job it never rains here....

Steven King

I think people are missing the clear point of all this. USE YOUR OWN BAGS . On the odd occasion it may not be possible. Well done Morrisons

Auld Kurt Leon

Already have them dodgy paper bags here in ireland and trust me they are not even worth asking for especially how wet of a climate ireland has. plus they dont hold much

Alex Woodward

Oh aye this will be great carrying the ever quickly defrosting pizzas the second they get wet the whole town knows your not on a diet

Marc El Milagro Leigh

Wouldn't pay for any bag but shouldn't paper be cheaper than plastic!!

Melanie Nicholas

The bags won't stand a chance , few heavy goods in them and there no good ,and if it's raining no chance .

Val Lynch

That’s fine if your life resembles a cheesy American rom com but I live in the real world. I shop for a family of 5. Paper bags won’t stand a chance when it comes to the weekly shop.

Racheal Adamson

My mother used to get paper bags from Sainsbury’s in the 70’s. #progress

Kevin Williams

For 20p nobody will bother if there anything like Primark bags they'll rip before you even leave the store

Pink Unicorn

Hmm...let me think about this.. trying to reduce the amount of plastic, so charge 15p for plastic bag or 20p for a paperbag? Yes that was well thought out

Karen Blezard

I remember when booths did this when I was a kid, but it was old brown bags.

Sonia Doddrell

Love a paper bag. Should of been doing it 20 years ago

Sam Mason

All you people moaning... Just take re-usable bags like this whole initiative was designed to encourage.

Scott Turner

I like the idea of paper bags American style...brown, no handles, goods can be lifted into the boot of the car. Paper bags with handles are a different matter, 20p is a bit expensive, customers will have them, probably if they are walking to the shops, bus etc, what happens in the rain? we get lots of rain in north and I have seen very wet, soggy Primark bags in Manchester

Pamela Coates

Sooooo, let's reduce plastic, and destroy rain forests instead? Yeh, great move Morrison's.

Lidia Lee

Just get your old fashioned shopping trolley’s out on wheels like my Nan has been using for donkeys years, saves the environment and your arms too, genius.. stick a designer logo on and you’d even have the younger generation joining in too! You can even get a built in seat nowadays, what are you all waiting for!!

Macala Wood

I can take the trolley home for a pound

Sam Curtis