‘Hotel is starting to look great’ - Your reaction as the Sands Venue Resort Hotel begins to take shape

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The Sands Venue Resort Hotel is now taking shape quickly on Central Promenade and will boast facilities including a luxury spa and gym, conference rooms and valet parking - plus stunning views across the Irish Sea.

It will be managed by the same group which operates the five star Lowry Hotel in Salford when it opens in time for the Illuminations.

Businessman Peter Swann, who is behind the hotel plan, said: “We have been involved in Blackpool for 10 years now and we know the area.

“I believe a five star hotel will not only generate a lot of interest in the town, but also a new type of customer.

We asked you for your views and here are a selection from our Facebook page.

Good on him, once our roads make visitors welcome to Blackpool they will start to return t, but something must be done to speed up the traffic to get them to their hotels.Blackpool’sreputation for roadworks puts many motorists off ever coming again."
Roger Goodred

"Blackpool has only two ways in, the train and the M55, neither works ! No ferries, no airport ! How much could a ferry ride from Liverpool cost? "
Brent Carragher

"Not what Blackpool needs. It needs investment in people, not property."
Nik Cash

"The hotel’s starting to look great. With a bit of luck they might be some money left in the budget to send a bulldozer down Central Drive?"
David Spencer

"Whilst I can’t disagree a five star hotel will be great, I’d love to see the final costs for this and how much financial support it’s had from the council ..."
David Clark

"Fantastic for Blackpool."
Peter Ian Mowbray

"Blackpool needs a re-structure from within starting with the people. The town has nothing to offer residents and up-coming young people. It lacks skilled jobs and part time work on the Prom has died. Wake Blackpool up or we stay sleeping without a fight."
Glen Roberts

"I think it’s a fantastic idea."
Andy Daw

"Invest in the town and the people that live in it. Spiking council tax is NOT helping."
Mark Sparky

"Looks amazing."
Keith Shaw

"Needs more housing or decent shops, not another hotel."
Carl Stanley

"We need an airport! When it was open, they came from all over, the flights were full. They came from Scotland and stayed overnight as it was cheaper to fly from Blackpool."
Christine McCulloch

"While I’m all for people investing in Blackpool, a five star hotel in this location is just wrong. You’ve got Coral Island right next door, smackheads lining the back street, a major bus route and McDonalds all on its doorstep and Poundshops as its neighbours. People with five star money aren’t going to pick it as a destination."
John Whitehouse