Green light for new Nandos and Starbucks at Blackpool's South Shore

A digital image of how the Nandos will look from Squires Gate Lane
A digital image of how the Nandos will look from Squires Gate Lane
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A new spicy chicken restaurant and drive through coffee shop will be built in South Shore after plans were approved by Fylde council.

A 350 sq m Nandos restaurant is set to be created on the Morissons site off Squires Gate Lane, along with a Starbucks and another small shop.

The development will be between the existing Petrol station and car wash and the main road.

A new left turn only exit from the shopping area will also be built and is expected to be completed around the end of November before the rest of the build goes ahead.

This would mean the central reservation along Squires Gate Lane would be extended to prevent right turns.

Morrisons which was behind the application said that its 615 space car park was never filled and so the loss of 50 spaces would not cause any issues.

In its application it said more than 20 full-time and 20 part-time staff would be employed across the three units.

It said: “It will also provide enhanced local facilities for local residents, shoppers and motorists on Squires Gate Lane and would generate a number of job opportunities for local people.”

Blackpool Council had reservations about the potential “impacts on the vitality and viability of Blackpool town centre and other centres in the catchment.”

However, Fylde council which is responsible for the area could find no valid reasons to refuse as long as certain conditions were met.

It has asked that work on the new junction be well under way before the rest of the building work and that a traffic management plan be submitted.

Materials for the build must be agreed beforehand and each of the units approved should only be open to the public between the hours of 5:30am and 11pm on any day.