Fylde IT firm logs on to rescue neighbour

Helping hand: Jean Horner from Recoop Cartridges with Jimmy Burns from Smart IT, which has helped boost business
Helping hand: Jean Horner from Recoop Cartridges with Jimmy Burns from Smart IT, which has helped boost business
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A Fylde firm has overcome a potential IT systems nightmare, thanks to the support of a neighbouring company which has put them on the road to business success.

When computer systems at Poulton based Recoop Cartridges hit the buffers and their IT provider left them in the lurch, Smart IT Ltd was just around the corner to scramble to their assistance, optimising their IT and giving them a more effective, longer term sales strategy.

With their server close to collapse and the risk of lost business and data looming large, the IT specialists stabilised their systems, saved crucial data and upgraded their IT infrastructure with new, reliable technology.

Now the firm, which offers a wide range of printer inks and toners for online purchase and delivery, is using Smart IT’s e-commerce solutions to help drive their sales forward. Jean Horner from Recoop Cartridges “We had been sold a server by a company down in Cheshire.

“When things started to go haywire, their attitude was basically ‘if in doubt log out’.

“They distanced themselves from us and said it was too far for them to come and sort it all out. It was a highly stressful time, so we felt massively let down.

“Smart IT had been recommended to us previously and they were on the doorstep in no time.

“It turned out it was a bit of a mess and we were exposed to great risk with insufficient back up systems and capability.

“We were so relieved that we got someone who knew what they were doing.”

Smart IT director Pauline Bullen said: “We managed to re-ignite the crucial elements of the server to recover data.

“The next step was to put in place a Cloud based online back up system, as well as necessary IT upgrades and all the basic pieces of the jigsaw – such as emails and internet access.”

Smart IT was also asked to take on the company’s new website design and improve their e-commerce capabilities, integrating systems with Amazon and eBay to open up more sales opportunities.

Sales have increased dramatically as a result.

“We decided to bring the website design under one roof as Smart IT had done such a great job,” adds Jean Horner.

“Business is definitely on the up for us and we are generating more online sales since the transitional work which we asked them to lead.”