Fleetwood mother launches Mini marvels to inspire children

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and for full time mum of three, Rebecca Hove from Fleetwood, this was certainly the case.

Thursday, 23rd August 2018, 12:10 pm
Updated Thursday, 23rd August 2018, 12:15 pm
Rebecca Hove of Fleetwood who has launched I'm A Mini to offer fun low-tech activities for parents and children
Rebecca Hove of Fleetwood who has launched I'm A Mini to offer fun low-tech activities for parents and children

While in her first year of primary school in 2016, Rebecca’s daughter was given an activity pack based on a nursery rhyme, to complete over the weekend.

Her daughter enjoyed the pack, and it meant that mum and daughter spent some quality time while looking at the little tasks, rather than watching TV or reaching for a computerised game.

Loving the ethos behind the activity packs, Rebecca created sixteen activity packs of her own for her daughter’s school class, and was met with incredible feedback from both children and adults.

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Rebecca Hove with her new business, Im A Mini

That concept sparked an idea with Rebecca, which brought about her business called “I’m A Mini”, creating in-depth activity boxes with a difference, with the backing of The Princes Trust.

Now with her own website www.imamini.co.uk and Facebook and Instagram platforms, the boxes are based around occupations and hobbies.

New themes are launched every few months, such as boxes for Mini Explorers, Mini Bakers, Mini Doctors.

Rebecca said she was socially responsible and it was important to her that her business reflects that.

The boxes are designed to be gender neutral, all packaging is eco-friendly and she has researched to ensure that the typefaces used are friendly to children who may be dyslexic or have difficulties reading.

One of the other aspects that makes the I’m A Mini brand different is that none of the activities require technology.

There are no apps to download, there is nothing to complete online. No buttons to click or screens to stare at.

Rebecca said: “With three children myself I know how hard it can be to keep them entertained. I also know it is easy sometimes to allow them to watch TV or play a console game, but spending time learning new things, trying out new skills, completing tasks which gives them a sense of achievement is so important to them, and everyone who has tried the activity boxes has absolutely loved them.

“I want to give children a piece of their childhood back, returning to simple pleasures such as a bug hunt, or making a model, baking a cake, being able to explore the world around them. These are the moments they remember for years to come, they won’t remember their best day of television.”