Double yellow lines painted on wrong side of road in Blackpool Council blunder

Parking officials in Blackpool are set to make an about-turn after double yellow lines were painted on the wrong side of a busy holiday road in error.

By Shelagh Parkinson
Thursday, 24th October 2019, 9:33 am
Double yellow lines were painted on the wrong side of Alexandra Road

The restrictions have been in place on Alexandra Road, South Shore, for a number of years with the mistake only coming to light when a member of the public pointed it out.

It has emerged yellow lines were painted along the north side of the road when they should have been along the south.

According to one hotelier on the street, which leads onto the Prom, it means drivers have been parking on the double yellows knowing the restrictions cannot be enforced and making the road dangerous.

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Now instead of repainting the lines on the other side of the road, council officials hope to amend the legal notices in order to make the existing parking restrictions enforceable.

A council report says: "In error the double yellow lines have been painted along the length of the north side of Alexandra Road.

"A member of the public has made the council aware of this error."

The report says to correct the situation it is proposed to leave the double yellow lines where they are, revoke the existing order where necessary and make a new traffic regulation order containing the no waiting at any time restriction for the north side Alexandra Road.

The report adds: "The alternative solution of amending the markings on the road to reflect the existing order has been considered by officers.

"This is the least cost effective solution and is not a practical solution as this would involve the removal of existing H bars on the south side of Alexandra Road, which have been installed and funded by members of the public."

One hotelier from Alexandra Road, who did not want to be named, said he welcomed the move by the council to retain the double yellow lines and amend the legal notices.

He said: "People have been parking on the double yellows because for the last few years they have known the council can't enforce them.

"But it's dangerous, especially as this is a through road and is used by ambulances and other emergency vehicles which then can't get past."

The new order will now be advertised and go out to consultation before being adopted depending on whether any objections are received and dealt with.