Do you want more Blackpool buses on a Sunday? Services may increase if there is sufficient demand

There maybe more Sunday buses if there is demand
There maybe more Sunday buses if there is demand
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The amount of buses running across Blackpool on a Sunday could increase if there is a sufficient demand from users.

Blackpool Transport tweeted in response to a customers request to offering earlier buses on Sunday for workers.

Mark Rooney said: “I am trying to get Blackpool Transport to put on earlier services on a Sunday as most people have to start work later and lose out on money.

“I have contacted Blackpool Transport who said they would look into it if there is enough demand for the services.

“I am hoping there are enough people to email them to show them that the demand is there for earlier buses on a Sunday.”

Shane Grindey, marketing manager at Blackpool Transport, inset, said the company always listens to its customers in order to provide ‘the best service possible.’

He said: “Any changes or additions to our services are very much demand lead but we also have to assess the feasability as well.

“A recent case of this was the Knott End 2C service which we brought back as a trial following in-depth conversations with local residents and councillors.”

Mr Grindey also said the majority of changes the company introduces are ‘customer-led’. He added: “Our customers always inform us if there are routes we can improve on or if we can alter timetables.

“An example of this is the Cleveleys-St Annes 7 service which we extended to Clifton Hospital following councillor and resident feedback.”

The company took delivery of 15 new buses this week as part of a long-term deal with manufacturer Alexander Dennis.

The buses, which are being used on Blackpool Transport services 6 and 7, were launched on Monday after going into service on Sunday.

Contact Blackpool Transport by emailing in order to register interest in additional Sunday services.