Debate goes on over safety of fracking

Fracking divides opinion in Lancashire
Fracking divides opinion in Lancashire
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Readers are continuing to debate the value of fracking as more earth tremors are reported at Cuadrilla's site in Lancashire.

The shale gas exploration company revealed there had been two tremors above the agreed safety limit last night and this morning.

Cuadrilla and many in the business community believe the shale gas industry should be given a chance.

The company has asked for the safety limit under the current "traffic light" system to be raised so it can operate more effectively.

Supporters say there could be an economic boom if gas can be recovered on a massive scale, creating jobs and wealth.


Bamber Bridge-based Cuadrilla says it has already pumped £16m into the Lancashire economy.

But opponents claim hydraulic fracturing underground can lead to mini earthquakes, water pollution and other environmental damage.

Lee Petts of Lancashire For Shale tweeted today: "Stop fracking for this?

"The surface equivalent of a 1.5 ML tremor at 2km (according to researchers at the University of Liverpool) doesn't even cause a ripple.

"Talk about trying to create a mountain out of a mole hill.."

Michael Roberts said:: "The concern over these diddy tremors is almost laughable.

"They need to be put in context of the larger UK quakes Mag 5 occurring once a decade or so which cause minimal damage & major quakes of Mag 7 -9."

Grenville Child said: "They aren't tremors, it is seismic activity picked up by very sensitive equipment, would you as an educated person not expect that when rocks 2Km down are broken.

"So far nothing that could be felt on the surface or even remotely come close to damaging anything has been felt."

But Lancaster and Fleetwood MP Cat Smith said: "Nothing to see here. Just TWO more earth tremors whilst most of you slept..

"Fracking forced on us by a Tory government!

"Stop fracking, leave dirty fossil fuels in the earth & invest in renewables."

And MSG said: "Labour - he’ll bent on undermining and destroying British industry for a few votes on the Fylde coast."

Richas said: "Really small earth tremors are no big thing, no threat at all.

"Now leaving fossil fuel underground does make sense but the priority is not gas, it is coal and oil."

Former Preston councillor John Swindells said: "(Fracking) Hell bent on destroying the environment and adding to the fossil fuel emissions that are causing a climate emergency for the sake of making a fast buck."

Simon Hinks said: "By taking responsibility for the energy we use, developing our own Gas and stopping huge imports will reduce CO2 emissions, ensure secure energy supply, create jobs and inject £Millions into local Councils & economies."