Dawn of a new era for design firm 2AM

Pete Stubbs of 2am Media
Pete Stubbs of 2am Media
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A Fylde design agency is expanding after a successful year which has seen it win major contracts.

2AM, based at Fleetwood Road in Wesham, has taken on two designers this month, bringing the staff up to 10 and is set to take on more staff 
before Christmas.

Fleetwood-born CEO Pete Stubbs bought the business 11 years ago and has steered it through the recession to transform it into a brand-
focussed design agency.

He said: “The recession was testing, as it was for a lot of companies, but we 
focussed on our creative 
approach, rather than 
simply selling services cheap like some, and that helped us through.

“That, and having a good passionate, team behind me.

“At the time, we set up 2AM Media to focus on the internet.

“Before the recession we had a lot of public sector clients so we had to reorientate and 2AM Media helped do that.

“It is not simply about 
offering web design, it’s a whole brand approach, we are brand specialists.

“These last 12 months have been awesome. We have looked at the energy sector and have picked up our first PLC client – Inspired Energy.

“We are taking them through an ambitious rebrand and we are putting in place a huge internet structure.

“We also have a fragrance company which deals in 
essential oils and a music franchise and have developed strategies for the NHS.

“Education is another sector we have been developing.

“We have been involved in the interior design and brand management at Unity College in Blackpool.

“The aim is to inspire the students to encourage them to make the most of their 

“We began with the corridors and, as the building progressed, developed further themes.

“It is based on the idea of heart, brain and muscles of one body, the idea of belonging and getting engaged with education.”

2AM has also spent more than £10,000 on revamping its studio in Wesham in what used to be a barn.

The former Millfield High student added: “We are 
beginning to grow now.

“There are opportunities if people have a passion for design and creativity.

“We have lost some guys to places such as the BBC, but that shows the calibre of the people who are training here.”