'Council step in and secure the Houndshill’s long term future and yet some people are still moaning. Baffling!!' - Your reaction as Houndshill Centre bought by Blackpool council for £47m

Today it has been revealed that Blackpool Council has bought Houndshill shopping centre for £47.6m - less than half of the £105m BCC Eiffel spent on the complex in 2015.

Wednesday, 6th November 2019, 9:45 am
Houndshill Shopping Centre in Blackpool
Houndshill Shopping Centre in Blackpool

While the bargain purchase has been derided by many residents online, others have jumped to the council's defence.

Here are just some of the online comments:

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There's always a car park involved..... This council must be specialists in car parks. I just hope they get big names in to attract shoppers who actually don't need a concessionary bus pass to get there, although knowing Blackpool we will see the return of Bon Marche and Ethal Austins...Terry Aoslin

So I guess this is gonna be shut down and made into a car park....like everything else Blackpool council have bought.James Shaw

Thought the council didn't have any money they are cutting back on much needed things and they buy houndshill what's going on.Kerry Bagshaw

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Council step in and secure the hounds hill’s long term future and yet some people are still moaning. Baffling!!Rob Walker

Ellison They have money to buy houndshill but they cannot repair the road around Blackpool.David Crompton

You have to invest to get the pay off. This is actually a good move going forward really.James Hughes

The money needs to be spent on town and the housing and help the homeless yet they buy a shopping centre pathetic!!!!Hayley Louise Roles

To be fair car park might go down, I'm sure the council want to bring more shops for more footfall.Richard Knock

Are we not actually losing out here? After so many months, business rates are charged in full on vacant units by the council. Surely the council won’t charge themselves ££££ so does the taxpayer lose out? The business rates for vacant units in there must easily total £250k a year if not more, which was probably the reason the previous centre owners were financially unstable.Ross Wallis