McCovered - What is it like to order in a takeaway with a face mask on?

Gazette reporter James Graves visited a McDonalds to see what it's now like after the face mask law came into place.

By James Graves
Saturday, 25th July 2020, 7:00 am

Cabinet minister Brandon Lewis confirmed this week that customers will be required to wear a face mask in takeaway and coffee shop outlets as of yesterday.

To see what it was like to order and collect food while using a face mask, I visited the McDonalds on Bank Hey Street in Blackpool.

As soon as I entered the store a member of staff immediately asked if I was eating in or taking away and also asked what payment method I would be using.

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Reporter James Graves with his McDonalds takeaway

After telling him I would be taking away and paying on card he advised me to use the touchscreen ordering system and said I should stand in the waiting area on the other side of the restaurant after placing my order.

It was quite busy as I had gone in at around lunch time and there was about 20 other orders on the screen at the same time.

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McDonalds had put down yellow stickers on floor so people could respect the two metre guidelines and the worker who welcomed me into the restaurant was reminding people to keep apart and stand on the dots.

The people who had decided to eat in the restaurant had to keep their face masks on until they had sat down with their meals at tables. Only three tables were situated on the ground floor at the back with the remainder upstairs.

Apart from seeing everyone in face masks, it felt no different to any other trip to McDonalds and it shouldn’t put anyone off who is considering a visit to a takeway or restaurant.