Blackpool man's healthy food business aims to create a buzz with vegan version of honey

A Blackpool man with a background in health and fitness has launched a healthy foods company which has produced its own vegan version of honey.

Friday, 23rd July 2021, 11:11 am

Jack Berry, which has premises at the Sycamore Trading Estate in Blackpool offers a range of healthy Gluten-Free, Organic and Vegan Flours and other food products.

It was founded by registered nurse and former personal trainer Jack Bieniek who said his background inspired an interest in healthy food and diets.

Jack said: “While researching health and medical information for my nursing career, I discovered lots of interesting facts associated with the diet of our ancestors and the diet and lifestyle of the present day.

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Jack Bieniek whose firm Jack Berry has launched No Bee Vegan Honee

“I came up with the slogan: Let’s get back to basics – such as home cooking and baking, eating more raw foods and sourcing additive and preservative free quality food products.

“During the past few years I have been researching the health benefits of speciality flours, traditional flours, ancient grain flours and the impact of using them in our diets.

“We have developed a gluten free range of flours and bread mixes, aimed specifically at customers who require a GF option such as Coeliacs. Now we have local suppliers, bakers and more people joining ‘our family’.

“We try to support other small businesses therefore we are always looking for local retailers and bakeries who will work with us.

Jack Berry's No Bee Vegan Honee

“Our products are verified or certified by different regulatory bodies. I, personally, visit the farms where the goods originate from to maintain the highest quality of the raw ingredients and ensure that our code of ethics is not compromised.”

The firm, as well as selling regular natural honey, has developed ,No Bee Vegan Honee a honey-like alternative for vegans who do not agree with the exploitation of bees and the potential damage to hives which may occur with some unethical producers or unethical, commercial practices.

He said: “It gives vegans an alternative to bee honey, it resembles the taste, scent, and liquidity of regular honey without compromising the bee population.”

“Our raw natural honeys originate from secluded mountainous regions, which, ensures the quality and purity of the pollen collected. The beekeepers are involved in replanting and preservation schemes and the regions are not over-farmed or industrialised.

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