Blackpool estate residents' joy as flooded path is improved after 25 years

Residents at Grange Park are delighted that workmen have tackled a footpath which has faced flooding for the past 25 years.

Wednesday, 15th September 2021, 12:30 pm

People using the path between Horsebridge Road and Ravenswood Road at Grange Park after periods of heavy rain have often been forced to wade through deep puddles and mud to get to local shops.

The problem has been a regular source of complaint but now workmen have been at the site to carry out improvements.

Grange resident Terry Bennett said: "The footpath from Horsebridge Road to Ravenswood Road and then on to Dobson Road, is the link from the estate to the shops, to those at Normoss that we no longer have here on Grange.

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Grange Park residents welcome work carried out on a footpath prone to flooding

"These include a family butchers, a Chinese takeaway. a chip shop, a hairdressers, a pub and, most importantly, access to a Post Office without having to cross a main arterial road.

"There are a lot of elderly and infirm people here who need to use it. Yet unbelievably, after over 25 years of complaining about this flooded footpath and seeing mums with wet feet pushing their buggies through the water, while also carrying a toddler, we have been constantly ignored.

"After heavy rain you just couldn't use the path. The water level went right over your shoes and the ground around it was too soft to walk over."

Now workmen have put concrete fences along the route and raised the level of the path to keep it above any flooding.

Grange resident Terry Bennett with his photograph of the flooding which he says people have been putting up with for 25 years

Mr Bennett added: "It is fantastic to see that someone has come along to try to deal with it. The next step is to get Wyre to put lights on the Tarmac area next to the field to make it safe to use in the Winter evenings. Let's hope that won't be another 25 years."

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How the path looked after heavy rain
How it looks now