Blackpool kebab house punished for illegal 'Just Eat' sales

Best Turkish Kebab Grill
Best Turkish Kebab Grill
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A Blackpool take-away has been stripped of its late night licence after its owner made thousands of pounds from illegal sales in the early hours of the morning.

A council licensing panel revoked the late night refreshment licence held by the Best Turkish Kebab on Lytham Road, South Shore, after hearing it had continued to trade until 3.30am when it was only allowed to open until 1am or 2am.

Licensing enforcement officers collected evidence to show the take-away been using online food order service Just Eat to sell food after its closing time.

But owner Istikal Erkilic, who had taken over running the business from licence holder Bilen Seydahmed Duran, told the hearing this was the only way to make it financially viable.

Blackpool Council licensing manager Lee Petrak said the take-away had openly traded during its permitted hours but then the shop lights were switched off and the blinds closed while the premises continued to take orders via Just Eat.

During a 41-day period between December 21 last year and February 2 this year, a total of 222 orders were taken outside the permitted hours totalling £3,564 or nearly £87 a day of extra income.

Mr Erkilic said he could not make enough money without the additional orders, but could not explain why he had not transferred the licence into his own name and applied for permission to extend his hours of trading.

The take-away has previously had its licence reviewed by the council in 2017, also for allegations of serving after its permitted opening hours, which resulted in a 28-day suspension.

In a statement setting out the reasons for its decision, the licensing panel said it felt it had to revoke the licence because "a person who blatantly ignores the terms of the licence for financial reasons cannot be relied upon to promote the licensing objectives."

Mr Erkilic has 21 days to appeal the decision if he wishes to do so.