Approval for new doggy day care in Blackpool providing noise is controlled

A new facility for dogs has been approved
A new facility for dogs has been approved
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Plans for a doggy day care centre in Blackpool have got the go ahead after experts carried out an assessment to measure potential noise from barking.

The operators of Fudges Playhouse had their scheme rubber-stamped on condition they install a 1.8 metre high acoustic closed board fence designed to contain the sound of yapping.

A former warehouse on Squires Gate Industrial Estate in South Shore is now set to be converted to the new use, and will include an outside pen.

A set of guidelines to deal with noisy canines has also been compiled as part of the planning application with the applicant recognising "that residents, nearby businesses, and the general public would not take kindly to dogs barking continuously".

Measures will include that owners "will be required to fill out a form where they must specify how much their dog barks on a day to day basis".

Dogs will be assessed and monitored before they are allowed to use the facility, and those which continue to bark excessively will be moved to other areas to be settled down by staff members.

But experts calculated the acoustic fence would reduce noise to the accepted level, even if 20 dogs were barking at once which was unlikely.

This would result in a sound level of 42 decibels, which is below the prevailing sound level.

In a report to the council, an assessment by Martin Environmental Solutions said the dogs would "not be bored or need to attract attention thus minimising the likelihood of any barking from the dogs."

The dog hub proposes to open between Monday and Friday from 7.30am until 6.30pm to provide services for up to 20 animals including doggy daycare, dog training, grooming sessions and the sale of canine-related products.

The application was approved by town hall planners using their delegated powers.