TRAVEL: Underground and overground in beautiful southern France

Smell. Taste. Think.
Winnie the pooh

COLUMN: Why are we all so horrid?

One  worrying side effect of our web generation is the increased opportunity to be perfectly horrid to each other.

Maharani Restaurant

REVIEW: Maharani Restaurant, the latest curry house on the block

I’m not known for my decision making skills when it comes to food.

Lifestyle 1
Nicola in her faithful car

COLUMN: Farewell my old friend

I never thought I was the sort of person who would grieve for the loss of an object that is completely unaware of my existence - as it’s a car

Opinion 1
Harvey Weinstein

COLUMN: The importance of #metoo

The phrase a ‘rolling stone gathers no moss’ seems to have been proven absolutely wrong in the past two weeks.

Prince Harry and girlfriend Meghan Markle

A right royal obsession

My hero this week is Simon McCoy of the BBC, who won the internet when his sarcastic and disinterested report of royal baby  non-news became a meme popularised by all the cool kids.

Joe McElderry in Joseph

Review: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat at Palace Theatre, Manchester

Camp as a row of tents, cheesy as a bag of Wotsits, and as religiously irreverent as you get..
Whats on
M6 traffic

What sort of traffic-jam driver are you?

This week, while sitting in the longest series of traffic jams known to humankind, I made a few observations about the categories of  drivers queuing in traffic.
Bring a ferret

What goes on in the newsroom..

There have been occasions when reality TV show researchers have optimistically approached one or other of our newsrooms with a hopeful glint in their eye.

Nicola Adam with Graham Norton

The one where I met Graham Norton

I might be a journalist, who has met, interviewed, written about and almost instantly forgotten many famous, think-they’re famous, mildly infamous, desperate wannabes and outright legendary people in my time.

Review: The Band at Manchester Opera House (Take That musical)

You know that feeling when a song captures a moment so vividly it is like the lyrics were written just for you?
Nicola Adam

Keeping A-head of the game

My journey home from work can be a bit hairy.
Tom Stade

Comedy review: Tom Stade at Preston’s Charter Theatre

If you are expecting this review to be a blow by blow account of Tom Stade’s latest show, you’ll be disappointed.

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Too much screen time playing games and watching videos on mobile phones and child iPads is feared to be a major factor in the decline in the ability of young children to talk effectively or hold a conversation

My phone owns me and it’s not OK

It’s my entire world boiled down into a small, rectangular, metal device which hides away easily in my pocket, my smallest handbag and in tiny, dark, places where I cannot find it.

Nicola Adam

Purple sick and other stories

What was your favourite childhood memory?

Afflecks Palace

NICOLA ADAM: Will you sit down next to me?

I quite enjoyed the revisit to the memory lane of my youth recently,  my destination every weekend for several, crucial, heady  years of my life before university took me down south.

Nicola Adam, Group Editor

When the computer said - no more!

When you get to a certain age you are entirely conscious that everything is not quite what it once was.

Should office dress be smart?

Black is new black at work

I remember those days well.

Nicola Adam

Chips and gravy no more

It is one of the saddest phenomenoms of the year and rarely has a subject united so many.

Is Napercise the next big thing?

Don’t drown while doing your downward dog

I balance carefully on my knees and hands, pulling in my core muscles, while a tiny goat balances on its little trotters on my back..

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