Movie-lovers' dream mansion on the market for Hollywood price tag of £1.4m

We all love a trip to the pictures. From Hugh Jackman's The Greatest Showman to the latest Avengers offering to The Greatest Showman again (face it, we all saw it at least a couple of times), it's been a pound-busting year for popcorn sales. Then again, if one were to have a private cinema at home like a certain £1.4m Lancashire mansion does, that corn may not be popping quite as often...


One of Lancashire's finest: £1m Georgian manor with quarter-mile driveway

Trudging up the driveway when the weather gets cold and there's treacherous black ice about can be perilous. Patience is required. Slow and steady. That being said, such a measured approach on the quarter-mile driveway of a £1m Georgian manor house on the market may be equally as dangerous: hypothermia might just set in before you reach your front door.


Four-storey Lancashire mansion up for auction: 66-foot waterfall included

Water features are a lovely addition to any home. Who would say no to the therapeutic trickle of water from a tasteful fountain or the soothing presence of koi carp in a pond, after all? But for those unimpressed by a poxy statue spitting water or a load of fish in their garden, a certain home boasting its own waterfall and cave system may just be of interest.

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