Sauna and a wine store: grand coastal £1.25m mansion has it all

We all love the sea. There's something calming and reassuring about the sea. It's loud, but relaxing; cold, but made for warm days. A home on the seafront is the dream, therefore, and when it comes to such living in the UK, the North West has some of the nicest offerings going. Case in point: this £1.25m superhome.


The bargain of the Millennium: 19th-century three-bedroom cottage up for auction at £139,000

Everyone loves a bargain. It's in our nature to enjoy the prospect of getting a sliver of extra value for our hard-earned money - it's like a bonus cherry on top of that something sweet and tantalising which you were already committed to paying for anyways. But when it comes to life's more important purchases - cars, football players, a new six-pack of underwear - bargains are fewer and further between. Enter: this eye-poppingly good-value 19th century cottage up for auction with a starting price of just £139,000...


Three-storey million-pound mega-house with lush Narnia-style gardens and a summer house included

We have an endless fascination with old things in this country, probably owing to the fact that we have quite a lost of history to remember. From a 5,700-year-old stone house in Orkney to an Anglo Saxon door in Westminster Abbey made out of 1,000-year-old wood, we love it all. But what about the new? As proved by this breathtaking six-bedroom, three-storey mega-home, the new can be just as interesting as the old.


The American south in Lancashire: Huge ranch-style mansion has everything from a hot tub to a cobbled driveway

Those pushing the boundaries of the American frontier were famously captivated by the views out west; the massive skies, the endless land. The kind of feeling which makes people buy ranches and big hats, shotguns and belt buckles. Sheer limitless space. Now, given the UK is about the same size as Louisiana, you wouldn't think that such a notion can't be entertained this side of the Atlantic. Well, think again.


LA-style Edwardian mansion with three storeys, an annex, and a pool on the market for £1.2m

In big glitzy American dramas, lives tend to be lived out in huge, sprawling mansions whose gardens are bigger than most flats and which always come with blue skies and pristine outdoor swimming pools. It's the stuff of dreams: a private pool, a big garden (likely with a BBQ in some corner or another), and clear skies under which to loll about. Well, I can't guarantee the nice weather, but this £1.2m super-house certainly offers everything else required.


A TV fan's paradise: Gorgeous five-bedroom, £1.2m mansion with a top-floor cinema

We all love the cinema. Everyone who goes to the cinema invariably comes out with a slight tummy ache saying: "I love the pictures, we should come more often." Well, supposing that those very same people have a handy £1.2m to spare and have a taste for truly massive four-storey mansions with their own private cinemas, I may just have found a solution...


Coastal living and world-class golf: Breath-taking £1.7m mansion a hole in one

Being a pro golfer must be great. The prize money is very appealing indeed, you get to wear snazzy trousers all the time, and it's the kind of sport in which you can maintain your professional standard well into your 50s. It just looks like ruddy good fun. And on top of that, the courses are famously pretty places. So when someone says there's a £1.7m mansion for sale practically on the grounds of one of the country's most prestigious golf courses, your ears will probably perk up.

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