The Moment to headline The Mod's Christmas Ball at the Waterloo in South Shore Blackpool

Eighties modernists The Moment will headline an evening celebrating all things mod at the Waterloo in South Shore.

Tuesday, 4th December 2018, 12:34 pm
Updated Tuesday, 4th December 2018, 12:40 pm
The Moment
The Moment

The band will headline The Mod’s Christmas Ball, alongside Heavy Sol, Time Sellers, The Sha La La’s, Turner, The Sound of Pop Art and The Theme at the venue on Saturday night.

The Moment were among the leading bands of the 1980s UK mod revival, described retrospectively by Paul Moody of the NME as “English pop music’s greatest ever secret”.

Formed in Haverhill, Suffolk, in 1983, The Moment were fronted by the singer-songwriter, Adrian Holder, releasing a series of singles, including ‘In This Town’ (1984), ‘One, Two They Fly’ (1985) and ‘Ready To Fall’ (1988).

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They released one album, The Work Gets Done, in 1985.

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“Sticks And Stones”, a track released on the Countdown compilation album in 1986, saw The Moment described by British music paper Melody Maker as sounding “like The Jam wanting to be The Clash”.

While their influences did indeed include the best of British mod and punk, they also drew their inspiration from The Beatles, northern soul and classic rock, taking their name from song “The Unguarded Moment” by Australian neo-psychedelic rock band The Church.

In 2016 The Moment released a new album, ‘The Only Truth Is Music’, and a follow up EP ‘Know It All’ on the Infenzo Label, and also toured the UK with ex-Chords drummer Brett ‘Buddy’ Ascott.

Speaking about the latest album, Adrian said: “Music is open and there for all to hear. It does not lie.

“Music comes in many forms and caters for diverse tastes. For some, it provides truth in a world of lies.

“It helps them escape from, for what is for many, a personal private hell to a world of truth and beauty.

“Sure, musicians can tell lies with lyrics but the music is always truthful. I suspect, the business that feeds on the art form has always been economical with the truth. So, is there less truth in music today?

“Well, yes, I imagine there probably is. These days, the technology and spin doctors, can turn a very average performer into a very successful ‘product’.”