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Concert Duc des Lombards. Paris 2010
Concert Duc des Lombards. Paris 2010
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Hollywood acting legend Cint Eastwood’s eldest son Kyle will be making the area’s jazz fans’ day this week with a concert at the Lowther Pavilion in Lytham.

Kyle grew up in Carmel, California, and as a child he listened to records of jazz stars such as Duke Ellington, Count Basie and Miles Davis playing in the house.

His father had been attending the Monterey Jazz Festival since it began in 1958 and when his children were born it became a yearly family outing.

Kyle’s childhood had jazz as its soundtrack and he credits his father with introducing him to the joys of the bass line.

Since signing to Candid Records in 2004, Kyle has toured extensively around the world. His 2010/11 dates alone took him through 17 countries to the likes of The Olympia (Paris), Jazz in Marciac (France), The Monterey Jazz Festival (California), The Jurasum Festival (South Korea), the Blue Notes in Tokyo and New York, Kampnagel (Hamburg) and Ronnie Scott’s (London).

The music resonates with swing, groove and funk overtones.

“My roots remain in jazz but I like adding all kinds of different flavours,” said Kyle.

Today Kyle Eastwood is less and less the son of Clint and more of a universally respected musician and leader in his own right. A virtuoso bassist on electric and upright as well as a talented composer with a keen ear for great tunes as well as the subtleties of modern jazz, he is right at the forefront of the contemporary scene, having chosen to immerse himself in the music he loves.

n Kyle’s Lytham debut is on Thursday at 7.30pm. Tickets £15 (concessions £14).