Waking up an old tale

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Sleeping Beauty - Blackpool Grand Theatre

There was a Mother’s Day feast for the eyes as The Russian State Ballet of Siberia brought Sleeping Beauty to the stage.

In fact, the enchanted sleep was more like a cat nap as the slumber barely spanned the interval before Princess Aurora was back on her feet.

But technicalities aside, the company helped bring the much loved fairy tale to life with beautiful music, opulent costumes and graceful dance.

Awe inspiring silks, regal gowns and Disney princess style tutus thankfully drew the eyes away from a truly bizarre collection of wigs.

Princess Aurora and Prince Desire fit the fairy tale theme well, Anna Germizeeva was a radiant young princess and showed amazing strength and stamina.

Evil Fairy Carabosse did an impressive job as the villain of the piece. Her entrance in a rat drawn carriage and dramatic costumes of red and black were an evil but engaging blot on a very pastel coloured landscape. As a combination of a lame Cruella Deville and Joan Collins, she showed obvious delight in her misdeeds and even drew a pantomime style boo from the audience at the end.

Good humour was employed in the choreography throughout, dances from the three fairies as they celebrated the birth of Princess Aurora were playful and entertaining to watch.

Other fairytales were also visited as dancers re-created Little Red Riding Hood with an eerie wolf head, Cinderella and Puss in Boots. The cat dancer in an Alice In Wonderland style ruffle tutu was particularly memorable.

The orchestra under conductor Anatoliy Chepurmoy faithfully delivered Tchaikovsky’s score and were a delight to watch themselves.