Roy wants his old job as Catchphrase returns

Mr Chips on Catch Phrase and (below) Roy Walker.
Mr Chips on Catch Phrase and (below) Roy Walker.
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IT’S good news for fans of classic gameshow Catchphrase as TV bosses discuss its return to the screen.

But it’s not right ....they have yet to ask original host and Blackpool favourite Roy Walker to take on presenting duties.

Roy Walker

Roy Walker

The Gazette understands ITV is discussing piloting the show, which is owned by production company DRG and was pitched to international broadcasters earlier this year.

It would be an updated version of the popular family programme, last aired in 2002, with new 3D graphics and a fresh end game.

And today Roy told The Gazette he would love to go back on the show.

He said: “That would be one phone call I would really look forward to, it would be lovely to go back.

“I don’t think they will ask me though, I had a long time on the show, I was there for 14 years, I left on my 60th birthday.”

Roy, who now lives in Lytham, said he thinks the gameshow will be a huge success if it is brought back to our screens.

He said: “It’s had a long rest and not a day goes by without someone saying to me ‘bring back Catchphrase’, everyone seems to love those family shows.”

The gameshow shot to prominence in the 1980s with Roy asking two contestants to guess a familiar phrase depicted by a computer animation.

Walker urged contestants to “say what you see” and consoled them if they were wrong with the knowledge that “it’s good, but it’s not right”.

He believes an updated version of the show would be a success, as long as audience favourite Mr Chips still had a place in it.

He added: “I had one up on everyone as computers were new then and people didn’t have them at home so computer graphics were brand new.

“Kids now are addicted to graphics and there would be so much more we could do with the images, it would look great.

“But Mr Chips would have to stay, it was me that thought up Mr Chips, I named him after a computer chip.”

Catchphrase ran for more than 300 episodes on ITV from 1986 to 2002.

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